I Can’t Bloody Beeleeeev It!!!

I missed my 3rd bloggiversary bunnies… May 18th 2008 ended the third year of existence of Angel’s Mind!
Blogging is so much a part of my life now- I cannot remember how I got on without it all those years!

I heart blogging. I really-heart the friends I have made through blogging. I really-big- heart my friends who have started blogging and in so doing given me an extra insight into who they are and what they get up to!

I big-pink-fluffy-glittery-heart blogging!

Really I do! My blog has encompassed so many things over the last three years… I never really chose a particular theme apart from wanting to write about myself and Damien and how we survive his ADHD diagnosis and treatment- and if I can help anyone by writing about it so much the better! But there is so much else…


…and now I am a week or so into my 4th year of blogging already and I forgot to congratulate myself…
Thank you bunnies, for making blogging so much fun!

20 thoughts on “I Can’t Bloody Beeleeeev It!!!

  1. allan: sheesh… you’ve been around a while eh? and you’re not in long beach!!???! SHOCK!! HORROR!!

  2. malicious intent: nuh… thats what cellphone calendars are for!

    gin: aaawww… thats so sweet!

    sleepyjane: woohoo indeed!

  3. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I have a hard time remembering dates too, hard enough time remembering my kids birthdays…is that bad? lol

  4. msmozi: ta!!!

    sweets: tiz innit…? heh heh

    polgara: thank you thank you!

    jackson files: of course in a totally non-stalkerish-non-girl-crush kind of way, i so understand!

    shebee: cool! so where are they…?

    tamara: teehee… shall we help you look?

    bridget: ooh thanx-awesome- i’m moving up in thw world am i?!

    glugster: aw thanx babe… MWA

    nick: ta- i shan’t forget again!

    donn: heh heh, you’re so right! and thank you!

    jenty: it doesn’t feel like it…

    louisa: why thank you!

  5. WOW!
    Blogyears should be measured like Dog Years and they are easily equal to 7 years in the RW..
    because most of us Bloggers decipher, dream up, discuss, design, debunk and destroy far more information in one week, than the schlebs zombifying in front of their TV do in a month.

    Congrats Angel..
    keep ’em coming!

  6. Happy belated (because you forgot to tell me) BLOGAVERSAY, Angel!

    May the coming blog year be your best ever!

  7. Happy bloggiversary babes. If only the other bloggers knew how much you really rock!

  8. Congrats babe! You rock! I saw someone advertising your blog in the most unliekly place. They said the tase gun post was the funniest thing They have read in ages! It was on Relax Max’s new blog.

    So yeah, you rock!

  9. Angel, are you telling me your mind has only existed for three years?

    Well you’re lucky… mine is stil missing.

    Hehehe… congrats lady. Don’t stop the posts from coming!

  10. wow dude. you need like a medal or summin.

    how about an email with cupcakes? i took piccies for you last week.

    comin right up.


  11. Congratulations on your 3rd blogaversary! Here’s to many more.

    I only started reading you a couple of months ago, but now I couldn’t imagine my day without a little insight into Angel’s mind (in a totally non-stalkerish way, of course).

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