19.6 Weeks and 723 Grams…

I dreamt I was pregnant. It was so vivid that I was actually worried about it when I woke up.
You know that little space of time after the alarm goes off when you’re still waking up and working out what day it is? It was a few seconds- but very real in my mind!
In my dream, I was not me as I am now- I was younger. I was “seeing” a guy younger than me and I didn’t know I was pregnant. Then when I went to the clinic nearby for some reason- accompanied by one of my sisters, a couple of women I knew only in my dream, and my ex sister in law- I suddenly suspected I was pregnant and asked to be seen by a doctor!
I had an examination, and the doctor did an ultrasound that was so detailed it looked even more incredible than those specialised photographs from National Geographic’s “In The Womb” special! He gave me two glossy 5×7 colour photographs that were kind of abstract- one of my baby’s profile and one of the baby’s head from the top clearly showing the two lobes of a beautifully formed brain! The weird thing about the pictures- my ribs were in the way… like on an x-ray of one’s lungs!!!
For some reason, my mom and dad were at the clinic to pick me up- everyone else gone. My mom met me in the conveniently attached coffee house where I asked the owner of the place if I could please stash my tray of sorbet balls in his freezer as they would melt in the car. Yup- whilst my mom and I were sitting drinking coffee- I was making sorbet and rolling it into balls on a metal tray. I then couldn’t fit the tray into his freezer and had to negotiate it around and on top of all the coffee house’s drinking glasses- which were also in the glass fronted freezer!!!
So, when mommy darling and I left the coffee house, mommy darling disappeared and I was accompanied again by a woman who was obviously a friend… and I was telling her I couldn’t understand how I could be so far along- I wasn’t showing, I was still having my period, I had had no cravings or nausea or anything and her telling me we had to walk faster as we hadn’t paid the doctor and could still get away with it!
Then I got into a car with daddy darling and the woman disappeared.
I had THE worst case of butterflies you can possibly imagine because I still had to tell my parents I was pregnant- again!!! Yet Damien was nowhere to be seen throughout the dream…
When I got back to wherever we were living (I didn’t recognise the house) everyone again disappeared and I was in a bedroom with one of my sisters and my ex-sister in law. I then told them that since I was almost 20 weeks pregnant the baby couldn’t possibly belong to the dude I was seeing right then. But I also couldn’t tell them whose baby it was!

Things started getting a little hazy round about then… I very seldom remember my dreams at all, let alone this much detail…

13 thoughts on “19.6 Weeks and 723 Grams…

  1. becauseican: heh heh… just a little while ago actually!

    sweets: lol!!!

    polgara: mwaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaa

    the jackson files: absolutely nowhere!

    nick: not to go there i reckon!

    sleepyjane & kateeighty & jenty: indeedy!

    m.i.: very weird, and you’re welcome!

    glugster: hhmmm… i haven’t decided yet!

  2. Evidently I was nowhere to be seen in the dream. LOL. I don’t whether I should be relieved or dissapointed!

  3. OH wow, I have had those crazy pregnant dreams before and they always seem to be the most realistic and crazy dreams I have had. You do wake up rather shaken and wondering what the heck is going on.

    Glad it was just a dream!

    Thanks for the award/acknowledgement!

  4. Strange dream. I wonder what your preconscious mind is attempting to tell you.

  5. You gonna be joining me then? that would make you a week or so in front of me lol
    Pol x

  6. Lord have mercy…
    shoching how some dreams are so real 🙂
    remember it’s only a dream!!!

  7. I must say that is a very scary dream!!

    Have you been to the clinic lately??



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