Canada Sucked In So Many Ways!!!

What I wanna know bunnies, is just how much did the Canadian track owners fork out in bribes to the FIA, to be able to host Sunday’s F1 farce?
Yes it was the 30th anniversary race at Gilles Villeneuve. Yes it’s a cool track. But if you ask me, a track that is literally crumbling under the cars, and then needs to be patched 10 minutes before the start of the day’s race is not a race-worthy surface! The cars were on average 5 seconds slower than the lap record, and they couldn’t move off the racing line at all to overtake because there was no grip- and moving even slightly off the line meant spinning off the track for no visible reason!
Initially my beloved Ferraris looked like they could make a go of the 70 laps on a really shitty track after Räikkönen qualifed 3rd and Massa 6th. Then Lewis Hamilton totally- and very embarrassingly- threw a spanner in the works by not watching the pit lane access lights DURING a safety car lap and rammed straight into the back of Räikkönen, putting an end to both of their races! Williams’ Nico Rosberg then barrelled into the back of Hamilton’s stricken McLaren but managed to rejoin- though he had an accident a lap later and didn’t finish. Rosberg’s team mate Nakajima looked to be doing okay- but he ran into the back of Button’s car and then his front wing stuck under his car and he slid straight into the pit wall.
Hamilton said he was paying attention to the two cars jostling fpr position at the pit lane exit ahead of him- not the lights… he apologised to Kimi for not seeing the lights- but Rosberg and Hamilton have been penalised 10 qualifying places in the upcoming French F1.
Barrichello looked to be relatively high up in the points until he slid wide on the 59th lap and finished 7th. Button did well to finish 11th after starting in the pit lane after a suspension change on his Honda. Toro Rosso’s Vettel might have finished higher than 8th but for a fuel rig problem in his pit stop. Bourdais was the last of the 13 cars to finish the race. Alonso could have had a better race too- his second mistake put him into the wall after he spun on turn 2. Renault team mate Piquet retired with a brake problem. Fisichella also put himself into a wall, and his Force India team mate, Sutil’s, loss of gears was the incident that resulted in the safety car incident that ultimately put paid to Hamilton and Räikkönen’s races.
After all the pit stops and safety car drama, Massa made brilliant use of other driver’s errors and managed to finish 5th and in the points, thank goodness.
Anyhoodle- VERY well done to Kubica for his first win of the season. He totally deserved it, with team mate Heidfeld making it a BMW day! Coulthard finally got himself some points and a podium by finishing 3rd… I am so not a Coulthard fan, and frankly I’d be quite happy if he retired. Timo Glock took 4th, Jarno Trulli 6th and Barrichello 7th.

So the driver points are as follows:
Robert Kubica 42
Lewis Hamilton & Felipe Massa level on 38
Kimi Räikkönen 35
Nick Heidfeld 28
Heikki Kovalainen & Mark Webber level on 15
Jarno Trulli 12
Fernando Alonso 9
Nico Rosberg 8
Kazuki Nakajima 7
David Coulthard 6
Timo Glock, Sebastian Vettel & Rubens Barrichello all on 5
Jenson Button 3
Sebastien Bourdais 2

And the team standings now are as follows;
Ferrari 73 (yeah baby!)
BMW Sauber 70
McLaren-Mercedes 53
Red Bull-Renault 21
Toyota 17
Williams-Toyota 15
Renault 9
Honda 8
STR Ferrari 7
Force India 0

6 thoughts on “Canada Sucked In So Many Ways!!!

  1. Ah, Ferrari has to lose at least a couple of races, or it won’t be interesting.

  2. tamara: lol, i think the team has plenty enough to do without checking what colour the lights are for the drivers too! i do think the 10 place penalty is a little harsh though…

    sweets: well… we don’t all love the fire engines! teehee

    m.i.: uh huh… i wouldn’t be terribly keen to drive on a track thats literally falling apart! and they used the same stuff to repair canada’s track as they use in nascar apparently.

    allan: mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. We just went to the NASCAR race last Sunday. On Saturday we were home watching the Nationwide (previously and still in my mind Bush) series. Not much to watch as it poured rain and they even had tornado warnings in the area. They did get the race in but not until after the dryers came out to dry the track. Talk about patch jobs, while showing a dryer on tv (because there was little else to look at) pavement at the beginning of pit row started to blow off in huge chunks. Opps. This track is known for having one of the most difficult pit rows on the circut and now the entrance looked like the surface of the moon. Not good. They did manage to patch it up over night before the big race, but makes you wonder how much more of the track is less than safe.

  4. i’m always amazed at you guys… you really love those fire engines eh?! enjoy… although i just don’t get it! LOL

  5. Well, I reckon (as Martin Brundle, my hero, remarked) McLaren should also have cautioned Hamilton about the pit lights. I mean, they’re far enough down the damn pit lane!

    I’m chuffed for our Polish friend, though. He really deserved a win.

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