I Sneeze A Lot.

And I mean a lot. And more often that not- when I start I can’t stop!

This is why I take Zyrtec. I know I’ve mentioned it before- but for me it truly is a wonder drug! Other antihistamines don’t do shite for me anymore. I buy it over the counter, and I take one every morning and I am unable to function without it! You can ask my Glugs… he hasn’t seen me sneeze too much- but he has seen me when I go near horses with and without Zyrtec! And when my hay fever is under control my asthma is better too!

Anyhoodle. When I am under attack by a good bout of hay fever (yup- I take it that personally), I will often sneeze up to 10 times in quick succession without even being able to draw a breath between sneezes. So, understandably, sneezing like this gives me a blinding headache, and it makes my arms hurt! Especially my upper arms and shoulder joints! If I start sneezing while I’m driving on the highway- I best pull over as I can’t see where I’m going! And did you know that at 120km/hour, your eyes are closed for 10 metres when you sneeze!!?! Very scary I reckon…

The first time I felt the pain in my arms I thought I was having a sneeze-induced heart attack or something! Luckily for you all, I survived (who else would do research like this), and then started researching the phenomenon.

I have Googled it several times and actually found it to be extremely common- chat groups and forums and blog posts and and and! But what I never found was a decent explanation- till now! Check this out:

…the wonderful world of pressure. It works like this… When I sneeze sometimes… either head congestion or my mouth not being open far enough cause so much backpressure in my system that it travels the length of my body and the pressure gets distributed to my arms and legs through the blood vessels. They temporarily expand and rapidly contract, and it makes my arms hurt. Same reason I get headaches…

Sorry… I lost the link… But now I finally have a reasonable (I think) explanation! I now know I’m not going to sneeze myself to death!!!

10 thoughts on “I Sneeze A Lot.

  1. That is too crazy! God bless Google and giving you that information! Thanks for sharing with us and I’m sorry you had to go through such a scary thing!

  2. sweets: hey! s’not funny!!

    katt: omg i hope not!!! i doubt i’d have many left by now if that was true…

  3. Is it true that a sneeze is what happens when a brain cell explodes? Because if it is, I’m in trouble. I sneeze a lot too and I don’t even suffer from hayfever.

  4. meherenow: ooh i’ve done that too- not pretty!

    m.i.: i reckon thats what happens… my head feels like it’s going to explode!!!

    eternally curious: ooh i hate that!

    kingcover: dude- i NEVER do my make up in the car unless someone else is driving… but it does look like i’m headbanging when i sneeze.

    nick: it would not suprise me in the least!

  5. Yep. Sneezing can be dangerous to one’s health. There are a couple of spots near my home that I can’t pass by without having a sneezing fit. I wonder if anyone has ever died from sneezing? I bet the answer is yes.

  6. I can imagine you happily driving away whilst looking in the mirror, fixing your hair, making sure your makeup is ok when suddenly you sneeze and with the sudden jolt your foot goes heavy on the acceleration pedal momentarily and then you keep sneezing and before you know it the car jumps forward and back as if it’s about to stall then someone drives past you, looks in through your window and thinks you are head banging to some heavy metal music 😛

  7. I don’t sneeze much, but when I do – I’m cursed with the “yes, yes, yes – almost there – here it comes…. oh C-R-A-P, there it goes!!” kind! One right after another!!!! Really irritating – to the point that when I actually do sneeze it is such a HUGE relief and blessing!!! (^_^)

    My son does suffer from a lot of sneezing, though. And Bob suffers from sneezing bouts, here and there, but not often or continuous.

  8. My husband does that whole sneezing thing and it scares the living shit out of everyone when h starts. I alaways wondered if the pain/headache came from a lack of oxygen to the body since you really don’t get a chance to breathe, or at least is part of it.

  9. OMG I SOOOO know what you mean! The hay-feverness is taking a firm grip on me too 🙁 I have actually in the past burst a blood vessel in my eye from continuous sneezing and had that red eye strange thing going on for a few days! Not pleasant!

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