The Weekend That Was!!

LOL… Shall I put you all out of your misery?
The weekend was simply spectacularly awesome!
We left on Friday as soon as
my Glugs’ got home from work- and drove straight through to Harrismith where we spent the night at Pringles. My Glugs and I had a room to ourselves and Damien was in the room next door. The traffic was totally and pleasantly contrary to the nightmare Comrades weekend snarl-ups I was expecting. We went to the Wimpy for supper and Damien had a half chicken, a double cheese burger and two helpings of chips (fries) for supper as well as two milkshakes! Glugs had a mixed grill and I had a chicken wrap which was yummy- and then made the mistake of ordering an orange juice- but it wasn’t pure and the preservatives closed my chest up… my darling Damien ran back to the room to fetch my asthma inhaler and then I was fine. I have the same reaction from Oros!
Saturday morning we headed back to a very full Wimpy for breakfast and then hit the road in Durban’s direction. Again- no serious traffic! It was great!
We arrived at my cousin’s place in Westville at lunch time and had cold chicken and salads with them- very yummy! My cousin’s fiancée is fabulous and our rooms were decked out like a B&B, we even had chocolate on our towels! After lunch we went to look for a Warhammer shop that Damien knew was nearby, but we couldn’t find it and whilst we were strolling around we bumped into none other than
Shebeeliciousness and her friend Tiff- out shopping! We then headed straight for Mugg ‘n Bean to watch the rugby and have a couple of drinks, and poor Tiff had to run away early as she had a hectic drive home! Glugs got to watch the rugby whilst Shebee and I giggled our heads off! Ooh- and I got a box of cupcakes!!! Absolutely divine!!!
After the rugby, Shebee suggested we go and check out the beach before it got too dark so off we went. Sans GPS. VERY entertaining let me tell you. I think we should all club together and get Shebee a GPS of her own!!!
So once at the beach, we strolled up and down and then headed for one of the jetties. And this was where we found the sand sculptures! I’d never seen them before! And as luck would have it- one of them was the dolphin I photographed with the proposal written on it! So no- as Shebee is my witness- Glugs and I did not get engaged! So sorry to disappoint you all… It was purely coincidental and very funny!
We strolled down the jetty, taking pictures of the view and of each other as we went- and then Shebee and I HAD to find a bathroom… which was a mission in and of its own!
After that we planned to head back the casa de Sh@th so Shebee coiuld change and then head out to dinner. We saw ALL of Durban- in all its seediness because we opted again to let Shebee do the directing instead of switching on the GPS!!! Shebee assured us she knew exactly where she was on a regular basis- but let me just say it took us a while to get her home!!! Once we got there- we got to meet C@thCam!! Luvverly!
C@th is one of those elfin women that us normal woman are jealous of when we see them on the street, and Cam is just too gawjiss!!! Shebeeliciousness has an awesome view from “her” balcony and their flat is wonderfully big!!!
Once we got Shebee into a stunning pair of leopard print heels we were off to
RJ’s for supper. We gave their cocktail menu a bit of a hammering and sampled the “vicious sour bitch”, the “kojak”, the “screaming multiple orgasm” and the “mojito”, and we ate waaay too much! Steaks, ribs and seafood! We were actually home at a fairly decent hour! I had such a giggle headache when we got home! Poor Glugs was totally knackered and I had to wake him to get into bed when I got out of the shower!
On Sunday morning, we watched what was left of the Comrades marathon on TV- enough to see who won, and then we went to look for the Warhammer shop again, and this time we knew where it was! And then we headed for
uShaka. We spent the whole afternoon there and didn’t see NEARLY everything! Damien did the shark tank dive and the three of us did the reef walk with these heavy glass bubbles over our heads. It was awesome! Damien was super stoked when he came out of the shark tank! My Glugs’ and I had waited in the aquarium for Damien to have his turn so I could photograph him through the huge viewing window. We also bought a disposable underwater camera (yet to be developed) and took pictures under the water. The reef walk was incredible- with a huge manta ray swimming right over our heads! Buy the time we’d finished the underwater adventures we were starving and went to have a bite to eat in the wreck café. Then we headed for the aquarium.
I tell you- trying to describe the décor in the aquarium is a whole post on its own! It’s fabulous! And the animals on display are mind bogglingly beautiful.
By the time we finished strolling through there the park was closing and we didn’t get to see anything else. A word of advice if you want to go there- go EARLY!!!
We headed home to a spectacular lamb roast done on the Weber for supper with my cousin and his fiancée. We also managed to flatten a few awesome bottles of wine! Thank you A and L for an awesome weekend of pampering!
Monday morning we got on the road early and took Damien back to the beach so he could swim in the sea proper. It was rather chilly so he was in and out again in just a few minutes.
We then hit the highway with the intention of strolling around Maritzburg zoo and seeing the lion park before heading for Howick to see my aunt and cousins… but the zoo was just dreadful! I’ll be writing to the parks board about it this week- and sending them photographs! The animals look fairly healthy- but the place is run down and looks neglected. As a result we were out of there before lunch time and didn’t even go into the lion park.
We then headed for Howick and met my family at Lythwood Lodge, where they had ended the first half of an annual riding event with a buffet lunch. We lunched with them and when they started saddling up again to head home we hit the road again to go home.
Again, luck was on our side and the traffic was a breeze.
We got home just after 7pm, tired and hungry, but in high spirits.
And I took well over 400 photographs over the weekend- and I actually surprised myself with how few I had taken!

Apart from the one’s I already loaded and these montages- I am working on a few digi-scrapping pages too.

18 thoughts on “The Weekend That Was!!

  1. sweets: we did indeed!

    the jackson files: durban envy, i like that!

    ruby: how freaky is that!

    polgara: aw don’t be- there’s lots of time!

    becauseican: she did indeed… ;-p

    kattbox: it was awesome- i wish it was longer!

    sleepyjane: oh yes!

    malicious intent: mwaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa… you’re like me!

    tamara: uh oh… i’ll be right over!

    msmozi: it was awesome! my cousin is quite the cook!

    ginnygrl: i love signs!

  2. Wow! I am so impressed! Sounds like ya’ll had a fantastic time. Nice sign photos too!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend… and this post made me extremely hungry. I want lamb on the weber and a mojito damnit!

  4. Sounds like fun, but I think I gained like 10 pounds just reading what you ate!

    We are heading to the beach on the weekend of the 4th, so we will be doing the same. Shameless shopping and eating and entertainment for the weekend. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it, right? 🙂

    Glad you had a good time!

  5. Teasing is cruel and unkind… did your mom never tell you this..
    Tsk Tsk Tsk


  6. sounds like you had a fab time:) say….i got home at bout 7 on monday too, i probably passed you guys on the freeway……how odd;)

  7. Sounds like a great weekend, I have all sorts of Durban envy. btw. I LOVE uShaka.

  8. meherenow: sorry

    jenty: it so was!

    c@th: no i have NOT seen you naked!!!

    tamara: 😀

  9. comment from sheena- who can’t post it herself right now:
    Waha!! Oh my word! I can’t comment, but have just read all your readers reactions. Hahahahahaha! Please type that up for me under your latest blog. Hehe

  10. I rushed straight to your blog when I got to work this morning to hear all about your engagement, damnit. At least you gave me a good laugh 😉

  11. “So no- as Shebee is my witness- Glugs and I did not get engaged! So sorry to disappoint you all… It was purely coincidental and very funny!”

    That’s it? That’s all the space you’re going to give to the “OMG DOES THAT MEAN WHAT I THINK IT MEANS?” feeling I’ve had ALL DAY!!

    Let me tell you young lady it is not a good idea for one asthma/hayfever/generally grumpy girl to hold her breath ALL BLEEDIN’ DAY until you let us in on the secret/not secret!!


    p.s. Sounds like a fab weekend!

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