Damien… Damien Damien Damien

My precious child really had me on my toes yesterday, starting at about 4am.
I have no idea what woke him- but at 4am he was up and about. I told him to go back to bed, and got yelled at that he was awake and may as well get dressed- and promptly went and switched on lights and stuff like it was time to get up. I raised my voice a tad and told him to switch off the lights and go back to bed.
When I woke him properly at 5h45 I got shat on because he hadn’t slept well! I bit my tongue. Then he went to the lounge, turned on the radio and turned it up. I said to turn it down. He yelled again. “WHY?! IT’S NOT BOTHERING ANYONE!!” So I said to switch it off. This sent him stomping off to his room after he nearly disintegrated the power button on the mini hi-fi he pushed it so hard. I then called out and asked if he’d had his meds and brushed his teeth.
I got yelled at again.
Then he announced he was not going to school and I should go about my day “…go to work and all that shit…” and he’d stay home. More foot stomping now accentuated by door slamming. I called through the door… from the living room… that he had an exam to write and couldn’t stay home.
When he emerged from his room I suggested that he may not get to go to the party he wants to go to tonight if he continued to behave like he was. That was the last straw for him! He flipped and stormed out of the door saying he’d meet me at the car.
It was then 6h08. We usually leave at 6h25.
Damien just LOVES pushing my buttons. He loves getting a reaction out of me. I try not to give in and yell and throw my toys out of the cot… but I only have so much patience. And we both want to be right and we both have to have the last word. And of course having spent the last 17 years together with pretty much just the two of us we know each other almost too well. And everyone around us can see how he goads me… it’s so ridiculously obvious!
When I am with my Glugs, he simply squeezes my hand or my leg when Damien starts in on me and it’s kinda like putting on the brakes a little, so instead of reacting I keep quiet and things will calm down immediately.
I do so adore that man.
So yesterday, when Damien slammed the front door, I woke my sweet Glugs up so I could whine about how Damien was being nasty to me again.
I wish I could have mastered the parenting art of not reacting to every rolled eye and “SO??!” and dragging lip and door slam and “FINE!!” and foot stomp.

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  1. ` Nice pics! I guess it symbolizes ‘the many faces of Damien’ huh?
    ` Jeez, it’s funny trying to relate that to my teenage life – this kind of thing is a habit of mine because I want to know how abnormal I’ve been. You know?
    ` I’m thinking about how I did have my own explosions of anger about a hundred times a day, usually because I was already on the brink of having a panic attack I’d be talking to what I believed were surveillance cameras and would fly into a rage because I believed I was talking to someone about how much I was hurting….
    ` Just… no, never mind. Totally different.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not exactly looking forward to the teenage years.

  3. donn: well it took me long enough!
    almost didn’t recognise the new picture dude!

    ginnygrl: mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaa

  4. A toddler and teen all rolled up in one. Just. For. You!! And now Glugs too. lol

  5. It’s not easy learning how to RESPOND rather than REACT…but you seem to be getting the hang of it.

    You GO!

  6. kingcover: why thank you ever so much for sorting that out for me! i am sure damien will agree with everything wholeheartedly!

    stephanie: hhmmm… praps i shoulda tried teaching?

  7. I think this is why I was drawn to teaching teenagers – hopefully when my own children get to that age, I will be adept at dealing with the eye-rolling, foot-stomping, lip-dragging stuff. And by “adept” I mean not immediately wanting to strangle the life from their sassy bodies…

    Best of luck – he is darling, that helps right?

  8. If you had been able to read between the lines of his bad mood you would have quickly figured out that he had stepped on a jam sandwich when he put his foot out of his bed! He switched the lights on to see it better to remove it. He stomped off trying to dislodge it. He turned the hi-fi up so loud to see if the resonating vibrations would shake it off his foot. He said he wouldn’t go to school because really who wants to go to school with something uncomfortable attached to your foot. And he slammed the door in one last vain attempt to shock it off his foot.
    So you see in reality all he wanted to do was remove it without having to get his hands full of jam thus preventing wasting water. He was just doing his bit for the environment.
    I’m glad I could clear all of this up for you at no extra charge.

    *Now where did I put the butter knife?*

  9. sweets: aw thanx tjomma, but i’ve had my moments! and honestly- it took hearing another single mom scream at her son to wake me up to what i sounded like even after my mother had talked and talked about how i sounded to other people…

    charmskool: hell i hope so!!!

    meherenow: and you are so cool, thanx!! and i didn’t even notice you’d spelt it wrong!
    i did wish my glugs a happy father’s day- for taking on a teenager…

    the jackson files: why would you think that!? i never outgrew mine…

    arkwife: aw thanx!

    m.i.: omg i hope so!!!

    michelle hix: i have been- and its been awesome!

  10. I have been a bad blogger lately…just getting caught up…whoa girl… you have been busy lately…what a fun trip you had!

  11. You are both going to survive the teen years and before you know it you will both be looking back laughing at all of this, right? Please tell me yes, please! I have TWO boys!

  12. The cutest thing about this is how you said that you two know each other almost too well…..and he is so much like you, I’m sure.

    He wouldn’t be like his mommy if he didn’t love her to bits, so smile girl 🙂 This too shall pass….

  13. Oh my…and I was hoping Jackson was going to grow out of his eye rolling, foot stamping moods!
    Hang in there, girl and enjoy your weekend. xxxx

  14. You do a great job and 9/10 even he thinks you rock (I can’t remember which post it was but he said that you are “cool” did he not?) High praise indeed my dear!

    As for how Glugs calms the situation – without preaching that is how parentS as apposed to parent works best. I,however,have one who doesn’t calm the situation – just comes out of it as the good guy AND IT DOES MY NUT IN!!!

    So,Glugs – carry on being Angel’s rock and Angel – stop beating yourself up YOU ARE FANTASTIC!

    Damein loves you so much and he knows how much you adore him,don’t let day-to-day “run-ins” ruin all the good stuff in your life at the moment,they are just part of what makes you not what breaks you.

    Lecture over – you may delete me now!

  15. Hang in there you are doing great. You sound like an excellent mom with loads of humour and understanding. He won’t be a teenager forever and the adult Damien won’t need to keep testing you, his hormones will normalise and his moods will too.

  16. tjomma… i don’t know how you do it, you may think you don’t have patience but you do… loads 🙂
    when i look at baby pics like that with pics of the older version i get all teary eyed…

    just keep at it is all i can say 🙂

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