Oh Goody! I’m “It” Again!

Kingcover tagged me this time- and I do believe it’s the first time he’s ever done so! Sadly his blog is private (he’s had hacker issues), so you’ll have to take my word for it when I say he’s a cool Irishman type dude with a fantabulous sense of humour who has WAY too much energy!

The standard meme rules apply- answer the questions in a blog post and then tag a bunch of people to do the meme too- letting them know they’ve been tagged. So here goes.

What was I doing ten years ago?

Wow… I was going through a break up with a guy who had lived with me for a little over two and a half years. Sadly, I broke my own rules and we got back together for a couple of months and then things got really ugly!

What are five things on my list to do this weekend?

The only thing I really have on my list for this weekend coming is to remember to take the bubble wrap home with me next week. Then I’m sposed to have a ladies night on Friday night, lunch with my BBF on Saturday (yet to confirm…) and to attend the BlogGirls lunch on Sunday. How awesome is that?

Snacks I enjoy?

Ooh that’s easy! Whatever’s in the fridge…! LOL, kidding*! When I can choose nibbly things I buy plain salted Lays chips, coca cola, and salted microwave popcorn. Breakfast cereals follow closely behind that little list- like muesli, Kelloggs Frosties and Strawberry Pops eaten straight out of the box!

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire?

Oh my goodness… I have spent my imagined lottery winnings over an over in my head SOOO many times!!!! Obviously I would need many many millions to do everything I WANT to do- but to start with I would buy myself and my siblings each a house and a car, and furnish my new house. Then I would pay off my parent’s debt and buy them each a new car. Pay off my own debt and give my siblings and my parents a cash lump sum to do with as they pleased. Stash Invest a bundle for Damien’s tertiary schooling. Buy Damien a car and travel.

And there are several charities and organisations that are close to my heart. I would donate first to ADHASA to fund various AD/HD research projects that are in the pipeline and ongoing and I would donate money to my nephew Nathan’s school and to Bosom Buddies.

And of course a boob lift and a tummy tuck is in order.

Hhmmm… I’m beginning to wonder if billionaire status would be enough?

Three of my bad habits?

Sheesh- where to start! Erm… lets go with smoking, swearing and envy for now.

Five places I have lived?

Erm… can I mention sort of general places without listing the specific suburb, what with my paranoid privacy issues and all that…?

Basically, I have lived in 10 different houses or flats with my parents and for the last almost 13 years Damien and I have been in a flat on our own. And by September we’ll be living with my Glugs. Surprisingly enough- pretty much all these places are within a 20km radius of each other!

Five jobs I’ve had?

Jack of all trades in a photo-lab

Telesales clerk

Stock clerk

Stock controller

Business consultant

How did you name your blog?

Well, it’s a fairly obvious name, and when I started I thought I was being very clever and original- as well as honest- but really I didn’t think about it too much. And unlike a lot of bloggers I wasn’t reading blogs forever and a day before I started my own one! I think I could have mulled it over a little more and come up with something clever… but I’m not changing it now.

And since tagging others is part of the exercise, I hereby tag Tamara, Sweets, Phats, PhillyGirl, Inside Candy (so we I can get to know you a little before Sunday) and Polgara!

*”…come in mister kidding…”

7 thoughts on “Oh Goody! I’m “It” Again!

  1. tamara: yeah- how cool is that!

    wenchy: aw thanx girl, i’d love to see yours!

    candy tothill: yay yay!!!

    kingcover: nnnnoooooooooooo…

  2. Oh nice one Angel. Thanks for doing the tag. Sorry I’m only seeing it now. I’m old, I’m slow, I have a grey, gimme a break! 😛

    Yeah it might possibly be the first tag I have sent your way so I guess I’ll have to make up for it by giving you many more in the future. Haha what, did I say the wrong thing?! Lol.

  3. Hey 🙂 Thanks for the tag – sorry for the late reply but I have been neglecting my blog so badly lately that I only saw your comment today. I promise to participate… and look forward to seeing you at the JHB BG meet! x

  4. I am gonna do your quiz things and best/worst feelings now….

    I can so identify with many things you have written about Damian.

  5. Bugger. I just almost the same one yesterday. I guess I’ll just do the questions I haven’t already answered.

    Like your answers, btw. But plain salted Lays have to be one of my worst flavours.

  6. faerie: it was fun for something different- have you done it yet? blogger’s been giving me a wee bit off grief too…

  7. this meme looks fun… oh and when i went to comment yesterday or whatever.. blogger was down. :[

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