Viva Voce Scuderia Ferrari Per Sempre!!!

I promise, bunnies, its pure fluke that most of my favourite F1 racing seasons happen to be 3 years apart… I only noticed now when I was labelling them!

So first up is a set of 1993 F1 snippets!

Then you must, MUST, take a look at this 1995 F1 compilation- another one of my favourite seasons…

And there’s this collection of 1998 F1 highlights… another spectacular season!

Then you have to see this assortment of 2001 F1 highlights. I reckon this season and the scenes you will see is ingrained on my long term memory, and watching it again- even just like this- sent chills up my spine and gave me goose-bumps all over I tell you!

And last but not least there’s this one- just for interests’ sake- showing F1 from 1950 to 2007! Isn’t it incredible how things have changed!!?!?

viva voce scuderia Ferrari per sempre!!!

7 thoughts on “Viva Voce Scuderia Ferrari Per Sempre!!!

  1. Green maybe not.
    Morally correct, probably not now
    Exciting? Oh yeah baby…

    F1 is THE most exhilarting sport.

    Bring back Alessi for his passion and Schumi for his sheer natural talent and genius…..

  2. p.p.: well erm… they’re not all that hot!?

    s.s.n.: don’t we all pretend…?

    y.d.g.: lol

  3. Makes me long for my long departed MGB. Yeah, I know it wasn’t F1 but I could pretend.

  4. I am not much into racing other than looking at all of the sexy male drivers!

  5. donnnnn: oh i know how NOT green this sport is… but i’ve always had a thing for cars!!!
    and my f1 posts aren’t going over very well with my regular readers are they… lol?!!?!

  6. You’re so funny…
    I admittedly do not possess a true appreciation for such finely tuned automobiles, although they seem quite tacky what with being smothered in all those garish ADs.

    I have just never had any interest in watching millionaire ‘athletes’ drive fancy cars around and around and around the course…
    HAHA..sorry Angel.

    I suppose that if one could ignore the fact that there is only 80 years of Oil left underneath the ground that it would all be quite thrilling.

    There is so much corporate conglomerate money involved that stating the obvious and wondering out loud if this should be going on is moot.

    Vrrrrrooom Vrrrroom!!

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