I Bin A Bad Blogger…

Whilst I have posted every day last week, it is VERY clear to me that most of my regular readers are not at all into motor racing or F1, teehee
And while I posted every day I did not get to read my regular list every day! I had one of those work weeks and was falling asleep by 9:30ish like every night! And Damien is on holiday so when he spent the night with a friend I headed for the Glugster’s place and I’ve been here since Wednesday night!
Sadly and frustratingly… I cannot go online and read blogs at work very often. I am based at my client and most days I am either sharing an office with said client or I’m sharing a windowless cubbyhole with my boss and three colleagues… no chance to sneak in a little blogging unnoticed.
And my list of reads is usually about 10 blogs I visit once a week and play catch-up on, as well as a list of about 10 daily reads! And it drives me nuts not to visit them regularly… I feel like I have missed out totally- and of course reading others is reciprocal- if I miss a visit for the week, I often do not get a “return” visit from that blogger until I get there again….
I baked red velvet cupcakes yesterday that were not nearly red enough for my liking, so I’ll try again sometime, and today is the Jo’burg BlogGirls lunch! Can’t wait!!!
I hope you all have a groovy weekend bunnies!!!

10 thoughts on “I Bin A Bad Blogger…

  1. i just kinda quit blogging for a bit, … im out of the mood, although it would come back.

  2. sweets: oh i so know you don’t ;-D
    maybe i should have said SOME of the blogs i read are more reciprocal than not…?

  3. i don’t do tit for tat… the bloggers i read i read even if they don’t read me 🙂

    red velvet cupcakes… sounds divine!!

  4. jenty: lol… shall i mail you next time?!!?

    m.i.: my daddy darling always watched it and in our house we watched what he watched- so i kinda grew up with it. but i always loved cars besides…

    y.d.g.: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaa… i feel the same about survivor!

    s.s.n.: tell me about it!!!

    katy katy katy: 🙁

  5. i hate not having time to blog or even at least read blogs but the past few month have been crazy for me i don’t think it will change much anytime soon either

  6. Blogging about what you know and love ain’t being “a bad blogger!” I think it’s what bloggin’ is all about. Likewise, the idea of blog visiting that “tit for tat” is absurd. I’ve now got almost 170 blogs that I try to visit and read as often as I can and I really don’t give a damn if the visit Nick’s Bytes or not. If a blogger gets upset because I don’t get around or leave a comment on each of their posts, that’s the blogger’s problem.

    Do what you enjoy, kid! Life’s too short to do otherwise!

  7. i think nascar races would be a lot more interesting if they gave the drivers guns.

  8. Me want cupcake. Being a muli car NASCAR household, I can relate. Only reason I am a fan is because of work and hubby. But after 7 years I have fallen into fanhood for the sport.

  9. Oh NO!! I’m gonna miss it again! Serves me right for not signing up and reminding myself! I’ll sign up for the next one, I’d love to meet you!

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