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Another busy weekend!
Friday night we took it slow. We didn’t go anywhere or have anyone over. Early to bed, a couple of episodes of Stargate SG-1 and… ahem… sleep.

Saturday morning we were up relatively early, and went to do some shopping with me leaving my camera behind… We popped in at Mugg & Bean for breakfast where I had a Belgian waffle covered in mixed berries and cream and my Glugs had a “Sloppy Joe”. Totally delish!!! The shopping wasn’t terribly exciting- I ended up queuing in Dischem (where I discovered that my medical aid savings account is already finished and I had to pay in for mine and Damien’s meds) whilst Glugs took care of the Spar! Ooh, and we bought an angel food cake pan but couldn’t find a sieve for under R120! Can you friggin believe it!? When we got home, I started working on my newly Googled red velvet cupcake recipe.

Without an electric mixer or cuisinart.

Let me tell you bunnies- you can NOT properly cream butter and sugar by hand with a fork even if you have added muscle power assistance from your son and your sweetheart! I tried, I really did… but after a while all our arms were tired so my precious Glugs went and bought me an electric mixer! SOOO much easier!!! LOL…

On Saturday afternoon Glugs’ brother came for coffee with Glugs’ SIL and their two kidlets. I took pictures for them at their kidlet’s birthday party last weekend and they came to pick up the CD too. The cupcakes went down a treat- but they were a disappointment for me. They tasted yummy, but they weren’t even a little bit red. Believe it or not- I didn’t even photograph them- all 3 dozen that the recipe resulted in!
They looked pretty much like this (not so neatly iced and with sprinkles)…

When they were supposed to look like this:

I’ll be trying a different recipe sometime soon.

Then on Saturday night- the knucklehead climbed into the leftover cupcakes as well as my icing sugar- so when my cousin arrived on Sunday to go with me to the BlogGirls lunch, there were almost none left for my Glugs and for Ydnic’s family!
They could at least have one each.

On Sunday my sweet Glugs awoke with a cough… he was really feeling grotty! He went to have his hair cut quickly and popped in at the chemist to stock up on Sinutab and Bronkese. Poor thing.
Ydnic and I then left my Glugs and Damien, Ydnic’s other half and her two kidlets at our place and tootled off to Melville. And lemme tell you- the BlogGirls lunch at “Cool Runnings” was fabulous! In attendance this time was myself (of course), Phillygirl, EXMI, Ydnic and none other than Bridget– who arrived a bit late and surprised us! Very, VERY cool bunnies! Sadly Sweets couldn’t make it and she was sorely missed, as was Tamara!!! I must just tell you though, that Ydnic and I drove together- with my Glugs GPS programmed to get us there… and got lost! We arrived almost 20 minutes after the GPS said we would, LOLOLOLOL!!! Once there, we indulged in cherry cigars that Ydnic very sweetly supplied; divinely colourful and tasty cocktails replete with umbrellas, and splendiferous food!!! “Cool Runnings” cuisine is truly awesome- none of us were disappointed- and the décor is magnificent! I couldn’t see the mosaic tables in the dark inside- so some of my photos are upside down- but what a funky place, and highly recommended in my humble opinion!! It’s been far too long since I went to a “Cool Runnings”! And the divine EXMI very sweetly discounted the first round of cocktails* which was fabulous! We left at about 4pm, sober and well behaved! And when we got home, the house was still in one piece, the kidlets were all present and accounted for, the dogs were in their donut beds and my Glugs and Ydnic’s hubby were calmly and comfortably ensconced on the couches in front of the TV.
When they went home after a cup of coffee (and having to come back for Ydnic’s handbag, LOL), my Glugs dosed himself with meds again and went to bed to try and sleep some. He was really feeling grotty- my Glugs is not one to go to bed when he’s feeling shitty!

Whilst he attempted to nap, and Damien watched the National Geographic channel, I attempted to emulate Jintrinsique- the pastry goddess- with something she made (and tortured her readers with a while ago…) that I have been dying to taste!
So I Googled me an Angel Food Cake recipe earlier in the week and bought the ingredients, which in this case required SIXTEEN large egg whites!!! And then set out the stuff I needed- which I decided included four slabs of dark chocolate- and set to work.
Bunnies… I had no idea Angel Food Cake was so tricky! Its almost like a soufflé, in that it uses egg whites only with no baking powder, rises incredibly in the oven, and if you stir too much it doesn’t rise enough and and and… my two mixing bowls were very nearly too small for the mixture!!!

So don’t laugh Jin, you know how I totally adore your goodies and what you bake- and how you will be flown over here to bake a dragon cake for my fortieth birthday party! I had a blast and they’re frightfully sweet…

I didn’t do real butter icing or anything, and of course I have NO. FRIGGIN. IDEA. as to how you get the chocolate so smooth and actually covering the whole slice!!! I think I also took it out of its pan too quickly or something ‘coz it got a little lopsided and sticky on me, LOL… any idea what I did wrong?
No worries. I brought some to work for my colleagues- as I promised I would if I baked them… and they all agree- one slice every 12 hours is sufficiently sweet to sky rocket your blood sugar! But it really is yummy… I’m also dying to try the angel food cake again to see if I can actually get it right!

I hope you all had a splendirific weekend, with plenty to do and plenty relaxation in between.

*we made a note to befriend more people who run or manage restaurants

14 thoughts on “Baking… Cocktails… Eating… Gallivanting…

  1. OH!!! How coool!!!!!!! You tried my thingys! YOU are awesome! 😀 And here I’m soooo late with responding.

    I’m sorry…. been busy… tons of legal business related shit that I think is finally over and am hoping I can FINALLY attempt to get a divorce (assuming it isn’t too much money… I really can’t afford it but I sooooo want to be officially SINGLE again! *pout*). Blogging has just had to take a back seat for a while… I AM hoping that will change soon.

    Sorry I don’t visit much anymore, but I do think of you and appreciate all the ‘sweet’ comments you leave at my place!

  2. Awww… so sad I missed Bloggirls. Next time! Also very jealous that you got to meet Bridget.

    Now I’m craving cupcakes…

  3. ` Mmmmmmmm! And I was just feeling happy because I had part of a brownie with peanut butter for breakfast this morning. NOW YOU”VE DONE IT!!
    ` BTW, did you know some maniac came really close to biting the cake? 😉

    ` PS more Cattain Niyu &c! Thought you might be interested.

  4. becauseican: i flat deny all culpability!!!

    m.i.: moi… evil!!?! never ever!!!

    kingcover: teehee, i grew up like that- my dad has always loved twisting words and adding to them and there are lots of words that make perfect sense in our family but are actually “wrong”… like our sayin “not in peculiar” instead of “not in particular”… it confuses people for some reason!

    jackson files: definitely- and i will be at the next bloggirls lunch!

    allan: lol

  5. Weirdly, I find cupcakes really hard to bake, and I love baking. So if you find a recipe that works, please pass it on.

    I’m really sad to have missed the BlogGirls lunch. See you next time?

  6. LOL how do you come up with these made up words you say from time to time. You need a whole new dictionary just for yourself. You could make a mint out of selling them 😛

    I believe the reason they didn’t come out as being red is because not enough blood was spilt during the preparing of them. I mean you are supposed to use your wrist strength to the maximum so you start to draw blood then they can turn red. Yours came out a yellowy colour because there was more sweat in it than blood. Please do I have to figure these things out for you or can you for once work it out yourselves? Geesh!


  7. OK, that’s it! Now all I want to do is grab a container of cake icing and eat it with a spoon!
    You evil BAD MOMMY!

  8. Oh man!! My ass just got 2cm’s bigger looking at the pics … Now I’m hungry.. all your fault.. hope you feel bad.. Now what will i wear tomorrow??

  9. exmi: lol… i’m working on them, i’ll mail you shortly!

    glugster: 😀 so glad you’re enjoying it!

    sweets: ag no man!!! i tried it immediately and they were VERY quickly flattened- divine!

  10. LOL i’m a disaster zone in the kitchen! have you ever tried that cheese muffin recipe i gave you?… that one can’t flop 🙂

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