Oh Goody! I’m “It” Again!

Kingcover tagged me this time- and I do believe it’s the first time he’s ever done so! Sadly his blog is private (he’s had hacker issues), so you’ll have to take my word for it when I say he’s a cool Irishman type dude with a fantabulous sense of humour who has WAY too much energy!

The standard meme rules apply- answer the questions in a blog post and then tag a bunch of people to do the meme too- letting them know they’ve been tagged. So here goes.

What was I doing ten years ago?

Wow… I was going through a break up with a guy who had lived with me for a little over two and a half years. Sadly, I broke my own rules and we got back together for a couple of months and then things got really ugly!

What are five things on my list to do this weekend?

The only thing I really have on my list for this weekend coming is to remember to take the bubble wrap home with me next week. Then I’m sposed to have a ladies night on Friday night, lunch with my BBF on Saturday (yet to confirm…) and to attend the BlogGirls lunch on Sunday. How awesome is that?

Snacks I enjoy?

Ooh that’s easy! Whatever’s in the fridge…! LOL, kidding*! When I can choose nibbly things I buy plain salted Lays chips, coca cola, and salted microwave popcorn. Breakfast cereals follow closely behind that little list- like muesli, Kelloggs Frosties and Strawberry Pops eaten straight out of the box!

Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire?

Oh my goodness… I have spent my imagined lottery winnings over an over in my head SOOO many times!!!! Obviously I would need many many millions to do everything I WANT to do- but to start with I would buy myself and my siblings each a house and a car, and furnish my new house. Then I would pay off my parent’s debt and buy them each a new car. Pay off my own debt and give my siblings and my parents a cash lump sum to do with as they pleased. Stash Invest a bundle for Damien’s tertiary schooling. Buy Damien a car and travel.

And there are several charities and organisations that are close to my heart. I would donate first to ADHASA to fund various AD/HD research projects that are in the pipeline and ongoing and I would donate money to my nephew Nathan’s school and to Bosom Buddies.

And of course a boob lift and a tummy tuck is in order.

Hhmmm… I’m beginning to wonder if billionaire status would be enough?

Three of my bad habits?

Sheesh- where to start! Erm… lets go with smoking, swearing and envy for now.

Five places I have lived?

Erm… can I mention sort of general places without listing the specific suburb, what with my paranoid privacy issues and all that…?

Basically, I have lived in 10 different houses or flats with my parents and for the last almost 13 years Damien and I have been in a flat on our own. And by September we’ll be living with my Glugs. Surprisingly enough- pretty much all these places are within a 20km radius of each other!

Five jobs I’ve had?

Jack of all trades in a photo-lab

Telesales clerk

Stock clerk

Stock controller

Business consultant

How did you name your blog?

Well, it’s a fairly obvious name, and when I started I thought I was being very clever and original- as well as honest- but really I didn’t think about it too much. And unlike a lot of bloggers I wasn’t reading blogs forever and a day before I started my own one! I think I could have mulled it over a little more and come up with something clever… but I’m not changing it now.

And since tagging others is part of the exercise, I hereby tag Tamara, Sweets, Phats, PhillyGirl, Inside Candy (so we I can get to know you a little before Sunday) and Polgara!

*”…come in mister kidding…”

Yay Me

My Glugster’s mommy darling told him she likes me!!!
That is so cool to know… my Glugs’ scores brownie points with my famdamily all the time so I am REAL glad his parentals like me too…


This is a bucking frilliantly compiled video of 1991 F1 snippets- awesome!
And yes- I do indeed remember a lot of the highlights in this clip, I’ve been watching forever!

Ooh- that reminds me- stay tuned for my race review of the French F1 at Magny Cours from last Sunday.

Oooer… Tagged Again!

So, Tamara did this one, and she very thoughtfully (NOT… LOL) nominated me to do it too. I figured I’d do my five best first, and then my five worst feelings, thinking it would be easier… but lemme tell you bunnies, it was surprisingly difficult to complete this here list!My five best feelings
😀 I reckon the top one on my list must be when the knucklehead brings home a school report on which he passed everything!
😀 Hearing my sweetheart and my son converse and laugh together when I’m within earshot but “not around”, and hearing my son call my Glugs to look at or listen to something.
😀 When my phone rings or I get a text message notification and I hear my Glugs’ ringtone. It makes me smile every time!
😀 Getting a particularly difficult piece of code to work like it should AND like I want it to. Whether it takes me a week or five minutes it’s an awesome sense of personal achievement!
😀 Walking out of my annual performance appraisal with positive feedback from all my bosses- especially on my integrity and diligence over and above my actual job performance!My five four worst feelings
🙁 Not knowing where my son is… like when he doesn’t answer his phone- especially when he’s on holiday! This feeling was aggravated a hundred fold forever and ever when he wouldn’t answer his phone the morning he was arrested- and only someone we knew inadvertently seeing him accosted by the security guards was able to give me a hint of where he was!
🙁 When my phone rings and my caller ID says it’s the school, or the principal, or one of the teachers. No matter how well the last couple of years have gone at his high school, I cannot shake the sense of dread I experience when the school phones me! I always think the worst first…
🙁 Feeling that I have let my parents down… like when they found out I was pregnant at 16.
🙁 Worrying that I have not dine “enough” for my knucklehead… be it education, life lessons, anything and everything!

I’m not going to tag anyone… so feel free to wrack your brain if you’d like to!