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So What’s Been Happening, Bunnies!!?!

Friday night was a quiet one after another long-ass work week! So after shopping for the weekend’s groceries, a trip to the nearby “pleasure dome”, and Black Steer’s takeout for supper, we crashed early!


Did you go back and read that again?

Anyhoodle. I got something shiny from my Glugs this weekend… but its not something y’all are going to see!



So the Glugsters’ evil puppies were visiting for the weekend (and they’re coming this weekend again), and watching the interaction between the felines and the canines was very interesting. There were thankfully no major clashes or issues since Greebo spent most of the time under our bed. And by Sunday Taxi was venturing down the passage to see what this was all about (my cats’ blog has been updated).

I’ve also been telling my Glugs about my furry masters’ foibles and abilities- few of which he’s actually seen! Like how Taxi gets so carried away with his cuddles and snuggles that he falls right off the bed or the couch- and on Tuesday night he did exactly that! He was at the foot of the bed where he now sleeps, and I was cuddling him a little and talking to him, and he did a sort of a roll and fell off the bed backwards! I was completely paralytic with laughter of course, and when he jumped onto the bed again with that feline air of nonchalance, I couldn’t resist picking him up and squeezing him like he hates! Then when we were in the shower a little later, we were taking a little too long for Taxi’s liking and he jumped up and opened the door. He and Greebo both have a fascination for mine and Glugs’ bathroom for some reason- especially if one of us is in there! And they both know how to open doors- the ones with the long horizontal handles- by jumping up and grabbing it.

Then last Saturday morning started slowly enough… we slept late and had a wee bit of breakfast before heading for Joburg so Glugs and the knucklehead could visit a Warhammer shop they found there a while ago. The weird part for me was recognising the face and tattoos of the guy behind the counter! I eventually managed to work out that he’d worked at the tattoo place I go to when I had my strawberry done a while ago! and he then remembered me and gave me a card for the girl who did my strawberry! Very cool- I may just go to her for my cupcake…

Saturday afternoon was spent in the Spur… for a friend’s kidlets’ birthday party. Spur is awesome if your kids are up to the age of about 8… but after that its torture! There were probably 6 parties on the go when we were there and we waited about an hour for our food! It’s loud and there are screaming kids running everywhere and whilst it was groovy to be there with my friend and I took STAX of photos- the Spur just doesn’t do it for me.

Saturday night after we got home, I baked the most divine vanilla cupcakes with butter icing and sprinkles! Half the recipe I did just plain vanilla, and the other half had a blob of Nutella in them as a filling. Divine! The Nutella doesn’t melt or dissolve or anything- it just sinks to the bottom (note to self: put it higher in the dough next time). Ooh, and I just love baking with real butter!

And then BlogGirls* on Sunday was a fantabulous get-together as always! Tamara, Rebeccah, Phillygirl and I had a huge lunch at Scrooge Diner at Brightwater Commons. I so enjoy meeting with the BlogGirls for our lunches! Intelligent conversation and good food is ALWAYS a winner in my book! And believe me when I say that Sowff Effrikun bloggers are some real smart cookies! We discuss all sorts of things, not only blogging, and I always come away from a BlogGirls lunch smiling!

The Knucklehead and my Glugs did some window shopping and such whilst they waited for me- lunching at the Wimpy before calling me to ask if I wanted to see a movie. It was already after 2pm so I hurriedly grabbed some cash to pay for my lunch (I hope it was enough girls) and crossed the commons to meet Glugs.

They had bought us tickets for “The Dark Knight” and we were all quite excited to see it! Let me start by saying I enjoyed it. It was really good. I love Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as Joker was very cool. But (and you knew that was coming didn’t you)… I have two issues with the film.

Firstly- it was too fargin loooonng, bunnies!!! It’s close to three hours and there was more than one moment in the movie when we thought it was finished and it started again! They could have chopped it in half and made two movies! I got the feeling that the producers and editors were loathe removing any of the late Ledger’s footage and so left it all in- parts that I thought could have been deleted scenes, or even abandoned concepts!

And my second issue- they deliberately wrecked a Lamborghini!!! I could hear people around me laughing as I said “no no no no no…” when I realised what they were about to do, burying my face in Glugs’ shoulder when it happened!

I am sorry I ran away early girls- but its just as well I went with them to the movie otherwise I woulda been all on my lonesome in a steadily quieter and closing up Brightwater Commons when the movie ended at almost 5:30pm!

Glugs bought me a T-shirt (I’ll photograph it later for you) and Damien bought himself a shirt (photo later) and we headed for home.

I could not believe it was Sunday night already!!!

Ooh- and I discovered that my cats love fudge! It must be the butter in it or something… they climb all over us if we’re eating it and if you give him half a chance Greebo will swat it right out of your fingers!!!

I am so looking forward to the weekend… it’s the Budapest F1 grand prix and Cars In The Park on Sunday!

*I hope I spelled everyone’s names correctly…

Ooh I Wanna Be Rocking The Daisies Like…

I got tagged by EXMI AND Louisa for the same thing… so I better get my arse in gear!! The tag is to blog about the Rocking The Daisies Competition which has some really awesome prizes up for grabs INLCUDING tickets to the concert and iPods!!
Here’s how it works:

1. Blog about the competition, telling us all what you would take with you to the concert.
2. Link to RTD Competition and Digicape (the sponsors)
3. Tag your friends in the post. In other words, just link to their website to encourage them to come over and look at your website.
4. Register here, tag your name and my name (angel) and copy your blog post onto their website.

So- to comply with the tag rules, here’s my list.
I would take with me my Glugster- ‘coz I don’t think I could attend a concert without him.
I would take my darling Damien (a.k.a. the Knucklehead)- so he can attend his first concert under my supervision (snigger).
I would take cooler boxes full of ice, coca cola, and black label
Sunscreen- I never go anywhere in the sun so I would REALLY need it.
My camera, of course, because this event would be chock full of phot opportunities!
My asthma inhaler, ‘coz with all the dancing and singing and festival shagging I may just need it.

And I tag… erm… crap! Who hasn’t been tagged!!?! Buggrit… here goes: My Glugster, Sweets, Tamara, Doula Mel, Neen, MsMozi, PhillyGirl, Ruby, Ydnic, Wenchy, Supermom, Hotsteppa and Katt!

Briget Made A Meme!!!

…and I got tagged! So now, as per the apparently naturally curious being– Briget’s instructions, I have to put my first name in the search bar and see what I find. Then do the same with an image search and take 6 images off the first page. So I Googled “ANGEL” and got the following…

˜ Created by David Greenwalt, Joss Whedon. With David Boreanaz, Alexis Denisof, J. August Richards. The vampire Angel, cursed with a soul, …

˜ Angel Fashion Accessories, Angel Fashion Jewelry, Jewellery, Custom-made jewellery, Sandton, South Africa, jewelry, fashion jewelry, jewelry store, …

˜ The Angel Venture Fair, one of the few events organized by and exclusively for private investors, is brought to you by the Private Investors Forum (PIF), …

˜ Features include news, interviews, an episode guide, picture galleries, character profiles, and a forum.

˜ Road Angel is a personal navigation device (PND) that assists more than 300000 people around the world to safely and reliably find their way to their …

˜ A course management system (CMS) that enables faculty to use the Web to enhance their courses without knowledge of HTML. Allows students to view such …

Frankly I was surprised I didn’t get more pornographic links!!! And I rather liked some of the pictures I got- though I’ve never been a big fan of pictures of “angels”.

8 Completely Random Things About Me

This was a list done by Sweets, Leez, Cath, and many other bloggers… I think it’s been a round the BloggerSphere a few times- and I think I may have done one before, but here’s another one anyway!

1. I cannot walk down a staircase or get onto an escalator without looking where I am going! If I have to look up, I have to stop…

2. I cannot walk through a shop without touching things, according to my mommy darling my first words were “do’ tuh” (as in: “don’t touch”) so I guess I just never outgrew it. Especially linen and furry or beaded cushions, ooh and lampshades, jewellery of course, ooh ooh and… oh you get the picture!

3. I like winding up kitchen timers when I find them in shops- to all different settings so they go off randomly. Though nowadays they’re all sealed up in plastic! Very annoying for a habitual winder-upper dontchaknow…

4. If I walk through a toy section in a shop, and there are those little arrow signs on the packaging that say “try me”… I press them ALL!!! Yes, I am one of those people who flatten the batteries so when you find one you have to buy new ones and/ or search the shelves for one that’s not damaged… sorry. I can’t help myself.

5. I will not buy a loaf of bread if the best before date does not have at least two days to go, and if I buy fresh milk it must have at least four days to go on the BB date…

6. I have way too much make-up (maybe I should take a picture?) and I love nail polish! Almost as much as I love stationery…

7. I am quite happy to be a “social smoker”. I will go months without a cigarette then have a couple at a party or something, and then nothing again for ages. I had stopped for almost 3 years when one of the knucklehead’s stunts sent me over the edge again and I started buying- but that lasted about 6 months. I am currently in about week 3 of my latest stoppage (I’m an expert stopper), I think… I don’t keep track of my stop-dates and I don’t usually tell anyone I’m stopping.

Ahem, oops…

8. My hair and nails grow like weeds… my nails about 1mm a week and hair about 1cm a month. Hence not having a problem with hacking it all off periodically when I really feel like a change.

Right. So. If you haven’t done one of these random eight things lists- go right ahead!