You Know What I Wonder?

I wonder if the majority of African leaders- including our own one- are hesitant to openly condemn Robert Mugabe and his dictatorship in Zimbabwe, because most of the leaders have idealistic unrealistic plans to do something similar if they get the chance… even if they’re impractical and mostly romantic plans and will probably never come to fruition- they see Mugabe as a hero of some kind, and they really don’t mind and perhaps secretly like what he’s doing.

Frankly, I think South African politicians are way too capitalistic and money grubbing to allow a Zimbabwe situation… but I wonder.

5 thoughts on “You Know What I Wonder?

  1. sweets: only a million?

    kingcover: it was a beautiful country… right now its a disaster area!

    sleepyjane: ;P

  2. I’ll take him out for free! How do you want it done? Grrrrrrr. Lol.

    I was going to do a short post about the whole Zimbabwe situation but I didn’t feel it was right for a “member of the former colonial power … blah blah blah”, as he would put it, to say something about it. I am glad that a member of the African continent like you has posted something about it.
    What is occurring in Zimbabwe right now is no different to what was happening in Iraq under Saddam – the only difference is that Zimbabwe hasn’t been able to hide it because of the media coverage. Iraq was so much more closed off from the rest of the world. Makes you wonder now why people are still saying that things were not really all that bad in Iraq before. It was just like Zimbabwe is now.
    And yeah I do agree with you about the reason why other African countries aren’t willing to stand up to Mugabe is because less than half of the leaders were democratically elected themselves. The sooner we get rid of dictators around the world the better 🙂
    Free the Zimbabwean people from that ruthless dictatorship and give them their lives back. It’s such a beautiful country!

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