Last Weekend…

…was another busy one- but in a fun way!

Friday afternoon Damien and I arrived at my Glugs’ place and Damien immediately parked his PS2-Animax starved self in front of the TV. I debated making supper… but decided to wait till the Glugster got home before I decided. I sat at the PC upstairs and played ZUMA with the dogs at my feet whilst I waited for my sweetheart (this after organising dirty laundry and such, very house-wifey me, LOL)!!!

When Glugs got home, we went shopping as the cupboards and fridge were empty, got pizza for supper, gave Damien a list of what he may and may not eat- otherwise he eats everything- and then left the knucklehead downstairs with the following exchange:

Me: goodnight sweetie

Damien: night mom

Glugs: g’night knucklehead

Damien: night daaad

This of course resulted in all three of us giggling like lunatics, and Damien practically paralytic on the kitchen step where he was having a cigarette! Anyhoodle, we retired to watch “Stargate SG-1” on DVD (we’re on season 6 now) and I was lights out very early…

On Saturday morning we were up relatively early… but apart from having to go and see Damien’s doctor for our monthly appointment, we had no real plans for the day besides shopping. We dropped Damien at home and went looking for a birthday present for my nephew N who is turning 4, as well as party favours and a gift for a colleague’s baby shower this coming Saturday. I just love the craft shop near Glugs’ place… he had to drag me out of there after I found no less than 4 different serviettes I liked, in addition to all the favours I had already put in my basket (to decorate the party room with dontchaknow)! We also visited baby shops and toy shops looking for model cars or planes for my Glugs, and special cutlery for my nephew N (who has short arms) but couldn’t find what we were looking for. We did however find his birthday present…


And my darling Glugs also bought me THE CUTEST stuffed dragon- which I had to stash when we got home ‘coz the evil puppies think stuffed animals are for them to play with! The dragon’s name is now Sleen!

The rest of Saturday was spent recovering from our shopping spree, and I worked online a bit researching my client’s February wedding. We had been to a “Woolies” restaurant for breakfast and stopped at “Steers” for lunch so we weren’t terribly starving. I baked and iced two batches of chocolate cupcakes- because I forgot I had wanted to put a piece of a bar one chocolate into them initially… then we watched some more Stargate, of course!

Sunday morning we were…ahem… up early. Glugs and I went shopping for lunch as we were expecting my mommy and daddy darling and my granny darling. I got home and immediately set about getting the onion stuffed chicken in the oven. I roasted them whole with the veggies and cooked basmati rice and made a pasta salad (since neither Glugs nor my daddy darling is big on green stuff). We had beetroot too, and my daddy darling had made a divine loaf of bread! We at like royalty I tell you, with cupcakes and coffee for dessert!!!

We were asleep early again!!!


8 thoughts on “Last Weekend…

  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all. I also made cupcakes, but I did marshmallow icing. Have you tried it? So yummy, and so easy!

  2. Ooooh. I second Phillygirl. I LOVE cupcakes and actualle baked some devine ones last week.

    What do you use as icing? The normal icing powder/butter mix or do you add cream cheese like I do? It makes for a very different consistincy and it’s still sweet if you add the icing powder. Tastes SO much better?

    As for the weekend. It does sounds awesome! 🙂

  3. wow, those chocolate cupcakes look divine!! Cupcakes are my fav … somehow the cute bite-size ness of them just makes ’em taste better than a slice of ordinary cake … mebbe it’s just me 😉

    ps. sign up for the July bloggirls lunch NOW! 🙂

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