Another One About Me… ‘Coz I Never Talk About Myself Dontchaknow…

I saw this at Sweets place first… then Shebee, Cath and Wenchy all did it too! It suddenly struck me that mine wasn’t up… somehow my emailed post vanished into the ethernet so I had to re-discover it in my email outbox!!!

I am: thinking about how much I have to do in the next few weeks!
I know: I am loved
I want: the magic cleaning fairies to come in the night and spring clean my flat…
I wish: I had already finished packing!
I hate: how much I procrastinate!
I miss: my Neels …
I fear: failure… in all aspects of my life!
I feel: sorta fluey…
I smell: nothing. Ever. My nose is permanently blocked.
I hear: Pussy Cat Dolls
I crave: nothing right now… miraculously!
I search: all the time for wisdom when it comes to dealing with my knucklehead!
I wonder: often whether or not I’m doing the right thing.
I regret: not studying further…
I love: my Neels , my knucklehead, my cats, my family, my friends… junk food, baking, TV, my laptop, my phone…
I ache: a little in my lower back right now.
I am not: housebroken… as in cleaning regularly and such like…
I believe: in God, in Damien, in my Neels and myself.
I dance: ALL the time! Just ask my Neels and my colleagues!
I sing: or hum or whistle ALL the time!
I cried last: when I spoke to my Neels the night my folks told the knucklehead they’d had enough of his shenanigans and he was no longer welcome in their house.
I fight: with and for my knucklehead…
I write: for 8 different blogs (two of them shared with other bloggers) and a SHIRT load of emails every day!
I win: bloggerwards… LOL!!!
I lose: momentum very quickly when I start tidying my house…
I am never: late if I can help it!
I always: note appointments and dates on my cellphone calendar with appropriate reminders.
I confuse: stereotypes… i don’t “fit” anywhere in particular
I listen: to a wide range of music… my taste is very varied though I prefer rock music to anything else.
I can usually be found: at work or at home… on my laptop!
I need: to get organised!
I am happy: all the time! I have so much and I pinch myself regularly when I start thinking about how good my life is!
I imagine: the worst possible scenario… always! It’s quite ridiculous!

6 thoughts on “Another One About Me… ‘Coz I Never Talk About Myself Dontchaknow…

  1. whim: it’ll be my pleasure!

    sweets: honestly tjomma! every appointment, f1, meeting, date, birthday and anniversary!

    the jackson files: teehee… so what do you do between 3 & 4am eh?

  2. Great meme. But EIGHT blogs! Wow…how do you ever find time to work?

  3. Great answers!

    BTW, when the magic cleaning fairies are done at your place could you send them to mine. 😉

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