The “Running Wind” Competition Is Closed

Go check it out!

After missing the last 3 competitions in a row- I finally wrote an entry

This is actually the first fiction piece I have written in MONTHS and I think I managed to get the WHOLE story inside the prescribed 250 words where my pieces usually seem to be a part of a whole!
Anyhoodle, lemme know what you think…

12 thoughts on “The “Running Wind” Competition Is Closed

  1. wenchy: already in process!

    ydnic: aw thanx cuz!!

    jr’s thumbprints: lol…

    m.i.: HA!!

  2. Pretty awesome, but I might have to arm wrestle ya. Because I am the biggest BAD ASS MOMMY!

    🙂 Congrats!!!!

  3. all bunnies: thank you SOOO much for your compliments!
    polgara- which one is yours girl?

  4. remind me not to come bike riding with you…lol!

    wonderful story.. you are talented indeedy..

  5. Man, that’s really good. That final sentence came out of nowhere. I had to re-read it to make sure I’d got it right!

  6. I really liked it! And by telling us about it the other day you made me go look and i had a go too!
    I have never tried to write anything so didnt do it as me, i know am a chicken lol but thanks for introducing me to the site, i really enjoyed doing it!
    Pol x

  7. i’m impressed! to create a story in only 250 words is hugely difficult, but you pulled it off!!
    loved it!!!

  8. Awesome Angel. Very well done. I wanted to keep reading except it was finished!! 🙁 lol

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