A CelebriTag

So MeHereNow tagged me with a meme she created that apparently stems from an episode of Friends… what I had to do was make a list, like Ross and Rachel did, of “5 famous people you’re ALLOWED to sleep with“. I assume this is regardless of the relationship you’re in?


Right. Here’re my five!

Joaquin Phoenix
King Robbie
Angelina Jolie
Leo di Caprio
Nicolas Cage

No hard feelings eh my sweet Glugs?
And now- as is tradition with a memetic- I’ll tag my Glugs, Sweets, Kingcover, Dyna and Ydnic!!!

20 thoughts on “A CelebriTag

  1. Why is it that every woman whether they are straight or gay wants to sleep with Angelina Jolie??? If you do can I watch? 😀

  2. I must say that Leo in Departed was SOOOO hot. But really? Nicolas? I once had a… er…. dream about him and now I can’t look at him. *shudder*

  3. :

    m@: 😀

    m.i.: too right!

    E.M.C.T.: wait- what!? i didn’t know you liked them so much!!?!

    mel: no no no! cameron diaz annoys the bejeebers outta me!! and daniel craig is a fabulous choice!

  4. Agree with all except for Nic. My new boyfriend is Daniel Craig, very handsome chap!
    Do u fancy Cameron Diaz as well or too perky for you?

  5. you no tag me and you know how much i love memes….!

    i’m insulted.

    but going to do it anyway.

  6. I am straight as them come and I would sleep with Angelina. I think 90% of straight women polled said they would rather sleep with Angelina that George Clooney. Go figure.

  7. leez: thats what i thought!

    the jackson files: 😀 you going to make a list too?

  8. Hmmmmm…nice list. Except Nicolas Cage, you can keep Nicolas Cage.

  9. sweets & tamara: i have ALWAYS had a girl-crush on angelina… i have never been shy to admit it either! it was even published in a letter to fhm a few years ago!!

    glugster: naughty naughty, baby!

    arkwife: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa… see- its not just me!

    meherenow: it was fun!

  10. Thanks for playing along!


    #1 – nice!

    #2 – too arrogant for me!

    #3 – If I was a bloke!

    #4 – too young!

    #5 – depends on my mood!;-D

  11. I can see a threesome coming on….Glugs, Angel and Angelina.

    Truthfully, I would do Angelina too 🙂

  12. Did it baby. Go check my blog.

    And I only have hard feelings when I think of you! LOL

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