Another PT Night Over With…

And this time I was not alone!

For the first time ever, I actually took someone with me to parent-teacher night at Damien’s school.
This is a huge thing for me! I have taken my mom or my dad with me for “back-up” when called to special meetings with teachers and such at Damien’s schools before, but PT Night has always been a solo act for me.
Last night my Glugs came with us, and I say “us” because Damien attends them with me and also listens when I talk to the teacher. I know this is a little odd- but it gives him a chance to state his case and be in on what I say to the teacher, so I don’t make promises on his behalf.
Damien’s second term report was dismal- and for the first time in a couple of years I got a note politely REQUESTING that I attend PT night to discuss it with his teachers. Monday night was actually PT night for Damien (for the grade 8-10) but when Damien showed me his report we had a bit of a verbal barney about his results so I bailed on parent’s evening till we had calmed down and let the school know we’d be attending last night (which was actually for the grade 11-12).
I gave my Glugs every opportunity to decide not to go with us last night- I did not force him at all, and he came with us and spoke to the teachers and listened attentivelyt and all!
We have decided that Damien will get old exam and test questionnaires that we will use to do revision, and he will not be watching TV until his homework is finished. His homework and classwork is not a problem as such- but he is behind on his art projects… which I am not impressed with because its his strongest subject.
Anyhoodle. His teachers love him- as always- and praise his intelligence and general knowledge and attendance and behaviour in class (for the most part), but studying and revision is a problem.
The Glugster survived- and even came up with a couple of suggestions himself.
And like me he was a little stunned by how young most of the teachers appear… LOL!

10 thoughts on “Another PT Night Over With…

  1. Glugs is a keeperkeeperkeeper. I am very happy that you had somebody who a) you felt comy having there, and b)was willing to go.

    Yeah, not impressed with Damien lagging in Art with his skillz. I vote Art Boot Camp, as well! 😉

  2. WOW…good on Glugster! Sjoe.
    You do a great job with Damien. I hope he does his best to increase his art points. Like you say, he is darn good at it, now he must show it

  3. the jackson files: wow. thats’ some compliment! all learned by trial and error let me assure you!!!

    sweets: innee just!!?!

    charmskool: i am very lucky, after doing them on my own for years. although i must be honest and say my mommy and daddy darling love attending their grandsons’ concerts!

    c@th: why thank you! i try!

    m@: lol… i’ll suggest it!

  4. HUGE kudos to the glugster and you. Most of all, i really like that you take Damien with. I like that. ALOT.

    well done momma X

  5. You are such a lucky thing – Glugs sounds so wonderful. I always had to do all the PT evenings and concerts etc on my own. You are doing an excellent job as a mom so just trust yourself and your instincts – they are excellent!

  6. I hope this doesn’t come across as too sucky-upish, BUT whenever I read posts about how you are with Damien, I am always so impressed by your level headedness and maturity. As a single mom myself, it kinda inspires me.

    And then I read the Glugs goes with you to PT evening out of CHOICE…and, well, that just brings tears to my eyes.

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