8 Completely Random Things About Me

This was a list done by Sweets, Leez, Cath, and many other bloggers… I think it’s been a round the BloggerSphere a few times- and I think I may have done one before, but here’s another one anyway!

1. I cannot walk down a staircase or get onto an escalator without looking where I am going! If I have to look up, I have to stop…

2. I cannot walk through a shop without touching things, according to my mommy darling my first words were “do’ tuh” (as in: “don’t touch”) so I guess I just never outgrew it. Especially linen and furry or beaded cushions, ooh and lampshades, jewellery of course, ooh ooh and… oh you get the picture!

3. I like winding up kitchen timers when I find them in shops- to all different settings so they go off randomly. Though nowadays they’re all sealed up in plastic! Very annoying for a habitual winder-upper dontchaknow…

4. If I walk through a toy section in a shop, and there are those little arrow signs on the packaging that say “try me”… I press them ALL!!! Yes, I am one of those people who flatten the batteries so when you find one you have to buy new ones and/ or search the shelves for one that’s not damaged… sorry. I can’t help myself.

5. I will not buy a loaf of bread if the best before date does not have at least two days to go, and if I buy fresh milk it must have at least four days to go on the BB date…

6. I have way too much make-up (maybe I should take a picture?) and I love nail polish! Almost as much as I love stationery…

7. I am quite happy to be a “social smoker”. I will go months without a cigarette then have a couple at a party or something, and then nothing again for ages. I had stopped for almost 3 years when one of the knucklehead’s stunts sent me over the edge again and I started buying- but that lasted about 6 months. I am currently in about week 3 of my latest stoppage (I’m an expert stopper), I think… I don’t keep track of my stop-dates and I don’t usually tell anyone I’m stopping.

Ahem, oops…

8. My hair and nails grow like weeds… my nails about 1mm a week and hair about 1cm a month. Hence not having a problem with hacking it all off periodically when I really feel like a change.

Right. So. If you haven’t done one of these random eight things lists- go right ahead!

9 thoughts on “8 Completely Random Things About Me

  1. well, hello long lost twin! I am a toucher, I have to look where I’m walking on stairs and such…I’m also a smeller of new food. Strange, I know, but what can you do? I am what I am.

  2. I am also a toucher! Have to touch everything when I shop and I’m also a smeller…don’t know why.

  3. yellowdog granny: lol… i find myself reaching for what’s in front of me without realising it!

  4. I’m big on touching things too…especially things that have texture…soft furry pillows, towels, velvet, plush toys..

  5. sweets: ah… so you’re a pusherer more than a windererer?

    charmskool: lol… i have the same fear!

    jenty: i am indeed, i touch everything! except people i am not already close to…
    i love hugs and kisses- but some people don’t dig it at all and i had to train myself to watch for people’s reactions. but i will not walk up and touch someone’s baby or baby bump or kiss and hug someone i don’t know. and i am extra lucky in that my glugs loves to hold and kiss me!

  6. Love your list – we have so many things in common. I also press anything that says try me. I have the same foible with bread and milk (and yoghurt). I don’t smoke but will suddenly smoke a bunch at a party and then not touch a single cigarette for months. My hair grows so fast that I can go from short hair to long hair in 6 months. I also love to touch soft things in shops, but am filled with dread in shops that have lots of breakables. I’m always sure my elbows or my handbag (huuuuge) will knock a whole shelf full of crystal thingummies to the ground.

  7. LOL so your a winderupper?!@!! who knew! hehe i also can’t resist a TRY ME button… sigh 🙂

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