Lemme Clarify

Anyone who’s read my tarot reading– done by Expensive Mistakes Cheap Thrills– may be wondering about the question I asked her… if you dunno what I mean- go read my question!


Whilst I have- for as long as I have been blogging and even longer in real life- spouted my personal tenet that I will not have any more children, especially with Damien being almost a grown up and me wanting to do things I have put off for a while and all that… it seems that falling head over bananas in love with my Glugster has changed my mind a tad…

So, in my own words, I am no longer totally averse to having another baby.

There are a few “obstacles” dontchaknow, my fast approaching the ripe old age of 35 being one of them. So if it comes to that- then I am willing to try and work around any obstacles.

And if it happens- I will be ecstatic!!!

There you have it.

From the horse’s mouth so-to-speak.

20 thoughts on “Lemme Clarify

  1. Ah! You are so young at nearly 35! I’m nearly 30 and haven’t even had the 1st! If hollywood can spawn gorgeous babes at 30+ I think you can easily pop one at your youthful age! 🙂 You have vitality on your side!

  2. jenty: 😀

    arkwife: lol… like i need a reason to practice!!?!

    m.i.: yeah i knew that wasn’t what you meant- i just wanted to make sure anyone reading would know that wasn’t what was going on in my head either!
    funny enough- glugs thinks that if we have a baby it’ll be a girl because my mommy darling is DYING for a grand daughter (she has 5 grandsons)… and i think it’ll be a boy ‘coz thats how i roll, teehee!

  3. OH I didn’t mean YOU would want to reproduce to prove your love with glugs, what I was referring to was what OTHERS had in their heads for some strange reason. It didn’t mean I or you or anyone should never cosider it. I think I was just caught off guard by folks feeling that was the only way to fulfill a relationship.

    Folks have to do what is right for them at that time in their life. If you do this, just make sure it’s a girl, so we can shop for girly stuff because I think that would be fun. So think “girl” and tap your heals three times. Ok? 🙂
    I know, I am being silly.

  4. WOW Angel!! I’m sure it would be an awesome thing if you did get pregnant, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you don’t….in the meantime you could just keep practising 😉

  5. m.i.: well… for one thing my pregnancy and confinement with damien was a total breeze! if i knew i could always have it that easy i mighta considered having 6 babies- but the physical aspect was not what put me off. and having a baby with the glugs is not to prove my love…
    its strange, but for the first time in my life, i actually want to have a baby with someone.

  6. After child number 2 and the beating I took with both pregnancies, I said I would never have another child. Doc tied my tubes while on the operating table with #2.

    So later when asked why? (As I have since divorced the gene donor.) And “Wouldn’t you want to have a baby with someone if you remarried??” My answer very quickly was “If I must reproduce with someone to prove my love or the validity of my relationship with them, then they ain’t for me.”

    But of course, I had a lot of complications and one seriously disabled son…so it was not an option, ever, again. Once in a while I wish I could have had a child with my current husband, he would have been so much cooler to reproduce with. But I really do consider him to be their biological father, we never refer to him as the step-father, because he took on the role as Daddy and took it to heart. And since gene donor left in 1999, never to return..this was a good thing.

    Good luck either way! It is amazing to have a critter growing inside ya and I still cannot watch any of those shows with woman delivering babies without crying the second the baby is born just like you do when you have your own!

    I am such a wuss!

  7. sweets: OMW indeed!!!

    allan: innit just???!!!

    m@: i reckon so… ;P

    meherenow: heh heh… multiples being one of the many “obstacles” i mentioned, for lack of a better word! and all you need do for a reading is follow the link and email e.x.m.i.!

  8. ohhhhhh Angel’s gone all broody!!

    Age isn’t such a huge factor when you’re still in your thirties – it’d be more of an issue if it was to be your first pregnancy.
    Bigger chance of twins in your thirties BTW my friend has a 6 year old and is pregnant with twins as we speak (due in January) and she’s 34! Not that I’m trying to freak you out or anything!! 😉

    Lots of fun and exciting changes lay ahead for you my dear.

    Embrace and enjoy!

  9. polgara: lol…

    tamara: i reckon the glugster is in on it… i’d hate to suprise him with something this big! lol… i don’t think damien would worry about it, being almost 18 he’s very self focused!

  10. Is Glug with you on this one? My ex-boss gave birth to her 3rd on Monday and she’s 39. Quite normal these days 😉 How would the Knucklehead feel about being a big brother?

  11. so. does that mean you guys are ‘trying’ now…

    or what?

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