I Been Playing!!!

I have spent the last couple of evenings updating some of my blogs.
My wedding planning blog- angel’s weddings– has a totally gawjiss new look, very elegant and very snazzy.
My cat’s blog- angel’s cats– where I write about Greebo and Taxi and post pictures of them so as not to bore you all with them here- also has a funky new look!
And then I gave my photo blog- angel’s photos– a new template too.

All three of them have been updated too and I’ve had a wonderful time playing with the different looks!

10 thoughts on “I Been Playing!!!

  1. sweets & tamara: ta muchly!

    sometimes saintly nick: i agree- i’ll come take a look!

    meherenow: why thank you!

    glugster: MWA

    leez: well… what are you doing between 2am & 4am? glad you like it!

  2. oooooohhhh I like I like!

    You clever girl you!

    I’m still struggling to get all my liks in the same place!!! At least I’ve mastered two hand typing right????!!!!

  3. I’ve done some of that myself lately. Ever so often one just gets the urge to rearrange the furniture.

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