If You Have Ink.

Then you must be a prostitute, pimp, inmate, Klansman or gang member.
At least, according to this guy you must!
And then he wrote about it again, the second time defending himself and his article and quoting some of the letters he received in response to the first article.

Now don’t get me wrong- I have often come across contentious articles and opinions about tattoos, because as “free-thinking” or “open minded” as the world likes to think it’s becoming… tattoos STILL raise eyebrows- and I’ve learned to live with it.
I very seldom show my tattoos at work because my clients are mostly fairly conservative- and because tattoos are STILL “not professional” I wear sleeves and such. Occasionally the ones on my upper arms are visible through a chiffon sleeve and once in a blue moon I’ll wear a sleeveless blouse, but that’s about it.
Otherwise I show them in public every chance I get and its no secret I have ink, and I love my tattoos!

But this guy… this guy takes the cake, the trophy and the whole hog, bunnies! His article is titled “Disfigured skin points where culture is going” and to quote the first article:

Just a few centuries ago, there was a culture still mired in the Stone Age, with no written language, no science, no math, no architecture, no nothing requiring thought. Its members had not even managed to invent the wheel.
That culture’s only contribution to the world was the decorative ”tatu.”

In most other parts of the ancient world, tattoos were disfigurements used only to identify criminals or slaves.
Now that Polynesians can read, use wheels, count and appreciate musical instruments other than drums, they’ve advanced to a point where most of them have abandoned tattoos.

So right off the bat he insults the various Polynesian cultures- which include (amongst others) the Maori, Fijians, Tongans, Samoans and Hawaiians.

He goes on to say:

No one can deny that the heaviest concentrations of tattoos occur in the lowest segments of society — prostitutes, pimps, pugs, prison inmates, Ku Klux Klansmen and the members of street and motorcycle gangs. (…) I just think responsible news media organizations should not glamorize them. What’s next? Glamorizing child molesters or kluxers?

I think he’s pushing the envelope a little here don’t you? And to end his article, he insults the Polynesian culture again!

In some modern cultures, influences travel from the septic bottom up. In no time at all, we’ll catch up to the Stone Age cannibals of the South Pacific.

I read the whole article more than once- because I am admittedly biased- and I was angered by it. I also try and keep an open mind because I’m no angel myself, but this was over the top. This guy just irked me in general.

Yes he has his opinion, and he has a right to express that opinion- as does every blogger on the planet- but does he have to be such a jerk about it!!?!?

22 thoughts on “If You Have Ink.

  1. I want to know when my Harley is going to arrive to go with my tattoos so I can be a biker!!!

  2. hmmmm, maybe a few former criminals, but no prostitutes. Sorry! What, you looking for some?

  3. Hmm…he doesn’t HAVE to be a jerk, but it certainly sounds like he is.

    Everybody’s got their reasons for tattoos. I’ve got a few (and still want a couple more). And I love them.

  4. jo: 😀 well, since i already have 4 and am planning my fifth- my deal with damien is that he be careful what he chooses, he pays for his own and he doesn’t touch his face!

    sun goddess: ;P

    the dante: i just can’t believe he thought it was okay to be such a jerk!

  5. This is the third time i have read about this ignorant persons rantings. I am an extensively tatooed individul of many talents and skills. I was raised in the art/ music subculture of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I consider myself to be well rounded and i am proud to express myself through my Body Art. My only argument against everyone getting tattoed these days is that its popularity in mainstream culture has tarnished its esoteric nature and it has weakened its strength as a weapon to separate us from the rest of the boring hive. What often the man with the pointing finger fails to realize is that within his hand lay four fingers pointing back at him.

  6. the guy’s a freakin bigot… he should burn in hell together with the living Nazis….

  7. Personally, I get turned off with tattoos especially those that practically covers their whole body. But like you, I never judge a person because of that. It’s their body, they can do whatever they want. I just hope that my kids will not ask me for this one later on in their life.

  8. ginnygrl: so right!

    becauseican: well, i know i’m going to heaven!

    sleepyjane: i hate that one too, specially since i have one of the lower back tats that that slang refers to!

    leez: i agree- and i have been very careful over my ink choices.

    gill: clearly not.

    mark eames: rotfl… weeelllll- i am not entirely suprised you have ink- wotchoogot?!

    charmskool: well said.

    sweets: haha! you said wanker!

    glugster: :-*

    m.i.: soooo, erm… do you actually know any prostitutes and/ or criminals? and i love mine too.

    arkwife: i can’t wait for my next one!

    allan: 😀
    someone like him would never insult soldiers- that would be unpatriotic!

    the jackson files: lol… “pug” is slang for lots of things- including penises and pugilists!

  9. What’s a pug? Because I have two tattoos and I’m none of those other things, so I guess I must be a pug.

  10. He forgot to insult the military- soldiers and sailors often have tattoos. I suggest that the author should enlist and tell his comrades-in-arms what he thinks about their tattoos. What could happen?

  11. I read both articles and some of the comments. As per usual, the majority of Americans have one point of view, which does not necessarily reflect the truth.

    They’ve decided that tattoos are worn by low-lives and nothing any intelligent person, sporting a tattoo, might say will change their minds. It’s shallow and narrow-minded.

    Personally, I love my tattoo, and want to get another one at some stage. That doesn’t make me any of the things that idiot compared me too. It just makes me, me.

  12. The problem is that he must be a jerk about it, because he is a jerk. So pitty him. He is incapable of anything else and it makes him feel better (due to his low self esteem issues) to make others feel inferior to him.
    I have three, one just grew in size, going for more. I use good judgement on where and when they should be see and by whom. But I am proud of them and love the art of it.

    He apparently has the personality and creativity of a toad. Also the diversity of a rock.

    I could not disagree more with him. At least where I live, tats/ink are not considered an issue at all and most folks I know who have ink are all professions in fields such as non-profits, law, medicine, technology, etc. Afraid I do not know any criminals or prostitutes who have tats.

  13. so you’re no angel eh? hehe

    he is such a wanker… argh… move on your tats are so cool! 😉

  14. My very beautiful and divinely etherial lady of a daughter has ink! I’m wondering why anyone would even publish such a trite baseless opinion. Sounds like one of those fundamentalist religious types who finds ways to try and justify his narrow worldview.

  15. Apart from the problem tatoo dude, I read that you are no ANGEL – what, my world has been shattered!!

    I have a little ink and proud of it! That may surprise you a little!

  16. Oh puhleez! What a narrow-minded, opinionated prat! Hasn’t he realised we are living in a culture of freedom of choice??

  17. People often use the freedom of speech and the right to express their opinions as an excuse to spew their shit and expect it to be considered as gospel.

    Tattoos are a personal choice. there are many reasons why someone would decide to get a tattoo.

    My only problem with tatoos is the types of tatoos people get. I hate fashionable tattoos.

    But keeping mine.

  18. You know what the worst one for me is Angel? “Tramp Stamp” Oh how I hate that word!!!!!

    Tattoo’s are a personal choice and people that decide against it shouldn’t judge. They don’t have to walk around with them so what the heck is the problem?

    He’s an idiot. I agree, he didn’t have to be such a big jerk.

  19. This dude is opinionated and narrow minded.. lots of them out there.. I have a tattoo and it was a personal choice to have it done.. My GF says I cant go to heaven now and she will miss me when she gets there.. I got news for her.. she may as well get a tat.. 😉

    Have you asked him if perhaps he has one? One done against his will in prison perhaps by his cellpal? Would explain his passionate hate for it..

  20. What a prig! Perhaps he should remove his head from his ass and dismiss the Stepford wife he must have to put up with that archaic picnic. What’s next being relagated back to naked, barefoot and pregnant instead of being equal enough to the male homo sapien to actually be independent? Seriously.

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