A Shebee Assignment

This here post is my entry for a blog post competition hosted by the totally fab and gawjiss Shebeeliciousness, the queen bee-atch herself.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted my own space on the interweb. Somewhere I could talk about my fabulous self and brag about my gorgeous child… then right before I finished at my previous employer- and I’m talking literally a couple of weeks before I left and a little over three years ago- I discovered Julie Moos at “Mom In The Mirror” (I think it was a link on a Woman24 newsletter) and I was totally enthralled before I’d finished the first paragraph of her newest post. Sadly, I don’t think Julie blogs much anymore (haven’t been there in a while) as she moved onto other things.

My internet slash social-networking addiction started ever so subtly.

Then of course I went back a few times (okay, more like every other hour- I mean- what were my employers going to do, fire me!!?), and in her sidebar I discovered literally hundreds of mommy bloggers- and I could read them and talk to them!!! Wonder of wonders!!! It was through them that I learned about the FREE (a magic word in Angel-speak) services like Blogger and Typepad and such and I was super stoked!!!

And when I got to my new job and was issued an awesomely snazzy fast laptop with a massive screen AND told I could surf the web to my heart’s content whilst at our offices- I got right onto setting up my own blog!!!

And voila!!! That was three years ago in May and I am still here!!!

So what do I get out of it- apart from being my own favourite reader I mean. Well, to begin with, I have made some unbelievably awesome friends on line, some of whom I have actually met and befriended in real life, by daring to go out and actually meet them face to face!

I also coerced… I mean, convinced… some of my friends and family into starting their own blogs too, and I know them so much better through their blogs now!

I have gotten to know people in all walks of life- people I would never have met in real life but know intimately through their online sharing!

And it’s a form of therapy. I have always been a diary keeper and I have always “thought” better on paper, like in letters and journals- so writing a blog post about a situation gets it out of my head to start with, and helps me analyse it and think it through whilst I write it out. Some of my posts never even see the light of the blogosphere, and more often than not, if I’ve been worrying about something- I feel better about it once I have blogged it.

I also get to share my experiences as a single mom and as an ADHDer mom, with all that that entails. Hopefully in so doing I can help other moms who are going through the same thing. This sorta reminds me at the same time that I am NOT alone in dealing with Damien’s disorder and school drama and and and…

Its also a record for Damien, one I wish I had kept better from when he was tiny, about the stuff he says and gets up to. A sort of diary he can look back on one day and hopefully enjoy.

When I started blogging I wanted mine to be primarily a mommy-blog.

I wanted to blog about Damien’s ADHD and what we’d learned from it, as mom and son but as a family as well. As well as how we worked around it and dealt with school issues and interpersonal stuff and so on. I also wanted to blog about being a single mom and how it affected our lives, if at all.

It very quickly turned into a life blog though, with me yammering on about a wide range of things, from my love of cars to my precious furry masters and everything in between!

I usually have about 15 posts “in process”; apart from the little book I keep with me to hurriedly scribble notes and ideas into when my laptop is not available- like in the traffic…

Of course, I am such a diverse and interesting person and I have so many varied interests that I found myself opening more and more blogs to cater for them! So now I have 5 of my very own blogs (one of which is totally private for bitching about my family and top secret diary entries and such), two “group blogs” to which I contribute, and three blogs that I administer (one of which I write for as well).

I don’t sleep much…

As for standards… basically I try not to swear too much.

I used to swear worse than a sailor when I spoke- every third word was the F-bomb and every other word after that came from a vast collection of cuss words. I think had a little blue cloud that followed me everywhere for a few years… It got me into a fair amount of trouble and sticky situations at work though- so I made a conscious decision to stop speaking like that. Lately I am slipping a bit, but I know I’m doing it and intend working on cutting back again.

I do not blab all of Damien’s secrets. Yes, I talk about his dating, hickies, school, meds, tantrums, hobbies, abilities, ADHD, and the stuff he gets up to that gives me grey hairs… stuff that will prolly make him cringe when he reads it one day- but its all stuff that’s not like totally top secret in terms of my family and friends.

I do not ever discuss mine and the Glugster’s sex life, apart from hinting every now and then about how unbelievably lucky I am…

~~big smile nudge nudge wink wink~~

I have, and do, blog about sex occasionally- but not specifics about me. Ever.

I also do not use my surname; say where I work; who my clients are; where I live (apart from vague references); or which school Damien goes to. I also seldom use my family’s names in my blog, using aliases instead. Basically I try to protect mine and my family’s privacy as much as I can without being completely anonymous.

I think that’s my major issue- privacy. Especially since my folks were a little wary of what I was getting up to when I told them about my blog initially.

ooh, and I try not to air my family’s dirty laundry on my blog.

And last but not least- anyone who’s been here long enough will know the best “thing” to come out of my blogging is my Glugster!!!


Me- who swore I would stay single till Damien finished school because I didn’t have the time or the energy for the drama and the schlep of a romantic entanglement of any variety!

Me- who wanted to go back to school and do all the things I’d shelved once Damien had grown up…

Me- who fell completely and totally arse over kettle in love the first time I met him, after a few months of reading each others blogs and online friendship.

Me- who is now in the process of moving in with my Glugster, a little over 8 months into our relationship.

Me- who gushes like a teenager whenever I talk about him.

Me- who has completely excited my mother with the fact that I am happily loved up and quite merrily settling in and settling down with this amazing man!

My life is incomplete without the blogosphere and the people in it.

I wish I had found it sooner.

12 thoughts on “A Shebee Assignment

  1. yellowdog granny: 😀

    allan: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaa!!! i find that hard to believe, but never mind. i am not one who goes out of my way to talk to strangers face to face, so i’m quite happy to do it online!

    ginnygrl: wow! thanx!!!

  2. I’m very glad to have met you on blog…in “real-life” I’m just a brain in a jar, sitting on a laboratory shelf- this is the only way I can meet people.

  3. sleepyjane: aw thanx!

    louisa: wow… its only a pleasure!!!

    sweets: ta tjomma!

    becauseican: lol… thanx!

    ruby: why thank you!

    arkwife: thats such a cool compliment!

    kingcover: you said it dude!

  4. “arse over kettle in love” – bahahahaha love it!!!

    Us bloggers are pretty darn special people aren’t we? 🙂

  5. You’re an inspirational blogger, Angel 🙂 I love hearing about all the stuff you guys get up to, it’s almost like having an extended family.

  6. wow.. 5 blogs? hhmmm.. i can see why you dont sleep..hahaha..

    You are fabulous and we all love you.. stay fab and keep it coming.. 😉

  7. Aaaaw sweet…well angel, you’re one of my favourite bloggers and it’s the wierdest thing but some weeks when I’m at my lowest you just swoop in and comment on everything you can see on my site and it’s just the little pick-me-up I need. Thanks! 😀


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