Ahem… I Feel So Wide Awake Today, NOT!!!

Whew… another frenzied weekend!

How frenzied I hear you ask?

This is how frenzied…

I switched my laptop on for the first time at 2pm Sunday afternoon, and that only to download photos off my camera memory card before heading to a braai at 3pm, getting home again at 9:30pm. Only then did I have a look at a few emails and such before falling asleep by about 10:30pm!

I didn’t even bake this weekend!!!

Last week in itself was nothing spectacular… I go from work to the flat, pack and clean, then go home and make supper (most nights :D).

Friday night we decided to have a date night since we hadn’t had one in ages. Glugs and I then took ourselves off to Montecasino, and strolled and shopped and window shopped and ate sushi at “John Dory’s”, and Glugs gave me an exquisite filigree ring with amber set in silver. And we went home with a whole bag of goodies for the knucklehead, leaving it for him to find when he woke up the next morning.

On Saturday morning we couldn’t sleep late at all ‘coz we went to Midvaal race track with sister C and her other half to see some drag racing. When we arrived at sister C’s house, her fox terrier, Ash’s, puppies came bounding up to us to say hello! As with all Ash and Mickey’s pups they look more like Mickey than Ash, but they are SO cute! Sister C and her D are keeping the one with the white socks, who has been named “Rocket”, and all but 2 pups have homes already.
Anyhoodle. The weather was freezing and cloudy, and we were probably the only people at the race track at 9am who didn’t have a drink in their hands!! Mullets and suped-up cars abounded… The morning overall was entertaining, though a little disappointing as there were no real funny cars or jet cars.
We didn’t stay for the whole event, and went to pop in at the Glugsters’ folks place for a drink before heading home. Glugs’ dad’s dog had puppies a week ago and they’re too adorable- a fox terrier/ daschund cross of all things- with their eyes still shut! He would just love for us to take one. We politely declined…
Glugs’ dad and sister C’s D discussed chickens, chicken sex, chicken feed and chicken selling as they are both involved with them in some form or another, and then we made our way home.

The Glugster then watched the exceptionally frustrating SA-Oz rugby whilst I lay reading next to him, and we fell asleep after the match, waking up with a start at 7pm!!! We dashed off to the Spar for some groceries and KFC for supper. After we ate it was pretty much back to sleep for the both of us, LOL!

Sunday morning was another early one… we went to Makro to replace the microwave that fizzled and spat and sparked at me a couple of weeks ago, and came home with a gawjiss new micro and a George Foreman grill, and a bread-bin, an apron for me, writable DVDs and a PVR decoder! Forgetting all about the fire extinguishers and leaving the plant pots and potting soil for another weekend.
When we got home, we quickly unpacked the micro and the grill and packed away the other groceries before getting ready to go to the Cow and her family for a braai. It was supposed to be an early braai… but the meat eventually went on the grill after 7pm and we ate at around 8!
It was so fabulously cool. Glugs met some of my oldest and dearest friends and they got on like a house on fire!!! I love that!!!

Last night was an early night, thank goodness!
Poor Damien had a rough night, throwing up and generally feeling shirty… so he was home yesterday.

Well, if you want to you can take squizz at my photo-blog for pictures of the weekend… And I hope you had a glorious weekend too!

11 thoughts on “Ahem… I Feel So Wide Awake Today, NOT!!!

  1. the jackson files: aren’t they just!!?!

    tamara: 😀

    sweets: me too!!! me too!!!

    polgara: we did indeedy

    glugster: MWA

    m@: NASCAR is great! organised with fabulous cars. this was… erm… over simplified!

  2. Hey, I’ve never checked out your photoblog before. It’s well cool. Those puppies are totaly adorable.

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