Taking A Leaf…

Out Of Ruby’s book that is, and writing a letter.

Dear Mr Workshop Manager

When I delivered my car to Hi-Q your establishment this morning, you came to greet me and ask how you could help. When I told you I thought my brakes may need replacing, you asked why I thought so. I described to you how my car is behaving WHEN I BRAKE and you immediately said no, you don’t think it’s my brakes.


Okay… I know I arrived sporting a substantial cleavage and a smile- but you mistakenly (and typically) assumed that I couldn’t possibly know what is wrong with my car.

That was mistake number one.

I may not be a mechanic, but I am not an idiot. You then asked me for my car keys and drove my car onto one of those big lifts so your henchmen employees could de-wheel my automobile. They had a look at my brake pads and shoes and they agreed with you- that they were not faulty. You had already walked away- without a word- leaving your staff to their own devices.

That was mistake number two.

I then asked your staff why my car would do what it was doing and they also said nope, not brakes… I asked what else could be wrong and again described my car’s behaviour UNDER BRAKING. I could almost see the little light bulb switch on over this dude’s head. And he is to be commended for actually trying to work out what was wrong. “Aaah yes,” he says, “It could be your discs.”

Erm… You wouldn’t be referring to my BRAKE DISCS by any chance, now would you? Especially since, despite what I said, you have all told me the problem is not my brakes!!!?!?

All this time- a very sweet colleague who had driven there with me in order to get us both back to work- was waiting patiently in the parking lot.

Your employee then called you over again, repeated what I had said and what he thought… and you agreed. Without apologising to me either I might add!

Mistake number three.

I then said thank you very much, please replace them, check my shocks, and call me when it’s over as I really need to get back to work. You then made me wait- whilst my colleague waited for me- while you checked my shocks and went to take care of another client while I waited!!! This after I had told you I needed to get back to work!!!

Mistake number four!

What I wanted sir, was to drop my car off, tell you what the problem was, and leave it in your supposedly capable hands whilst I returned to work. And had I not been in a hurry to get them replaced (and known where your competition may be) I would have forked off right there and then and gone to your competition! I was in your shop for half an hour. It could have and should have been 10 minutes.

So now I have paid for your services, and heaven help you if there’s still something wrong when I fetch my car, but I will not be making use of your services again if I can help it.




9 thoughts on “Taking A Leaf…

  1. Nice cleavage!

    You are much kinder than me. I would not have written that letter but gone militant on their asses and shown them how stupid they are and how smart and infuriated and fast I am. Hate mechanics who try that shit. Poor bastards would never have known what hit them.

    Went to a shop one time for “brakes” and guy comes out telling me my car is basically going to burst into flames if I go another mile down the road unless they replace all of my hoses and some other bullshit lines. Should have seen his dramatic act too, impressively pitiful.
    I said to the guy “Really? I mean really? Are you that fucking stupid? Do I look like an idiot?? Fucking fix my brakes while I go to call cosumer reports. I’ll be back in an hour. Thank You.”

    He shut up. Brakes fixed. He looked confused.

  2. Those mechanics are gay as the day is long. I see cleavage like that and I pretty much do what I am told to.

  3. ha! letters are the best aren’t they:)

    jeeze! I tend to get leering looks and weird comments when i take my car in for a service, but i’ve taken my current car to the same place everytime. The Dude in charge of the workshop is a real gentleman, and always takes my opinion into consideration, or at least makes me feel that he does;) As for the cleavage, that usually helps me get a staff discount…..you go girl!!!!

  4. Bottom line, avoid H.. um, sorry, that establishment. We have endless problems with the same one down here.

    Sorry, I wish I could have told you sooner.

  5. oh man, your cleavage was the problem tjomma… how can you expect any male to concentrate on what you’re saying?? LOL

    he probably walked away in a daze… have mercy 🙂

    just kidding… that is incompetence for sure, and then businesses blame the economy … eish

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