A Date With A Difference

After I’d been to the salon on Saturday morning, Damien and I took ourselves off to Menlyn Park for the day, to have a mommy-son-date day like we used to do!
I was inspired by Doula Mel’s post, and I was actually rather chuffed when the knucklehead said he’d like to have a “date” with me. I thought he might think he was getting too big for stuff like that.
So we mall-trawled, window-shopped, ate Mickey D’s, bought clothes, watched a movie, ate ice-cream… it was SO very cool!
We saw the movie “WALL-E” which was not nearly as funny as I hoped, but had a very cool message to it and was highly enjoyable. And the little robot is so cute you just want to pick him up and squash him! Damien and I each had these HUGE plastic cups that have two halves, orange Fanta slush in one side and Crème Soda slush in the other side with two FAT straws.
And of course, the obligatory- for Damien and me- bag of sweets from “Sweets From Heaven” smuggled into the theatre in my always oversized handbag.
The “Madagascar 2” trailer was hysterical- I so want to see that movie! And since my Glugs doesn’t do animated movies, Damien and I grabbed the opportunity and watched WALL-E without torturing my sweetheart.
I didn’t take my camera with me to the mall, though I really wish I had! The knucklehead was clowning around and funny and we had a wonderful time.

6 thoughts on “A Date With A Difference

  1. sweets: i did, we did, and it was so worth it!

    sleepyjane: mine too- and this looks fabulous!

    the jackson files: very cool- and my hair LOOKED great… back to normal now!

    jenty: 😀

    tamara: it was very yummy indeed!

  2. It does sounds like a ton of fun! Madagascar is one of my all time favourite animated movies and I can’t wait to see the second one! 🙂

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