My Soon-To-Be New Ink

This was my first design, after Googling cupcake images, and visiting cupcake-related sites, and basically going bananas.
Its changed a bit since… and I’m going next Saturday afternoon- September 6th– to have it done on the side of my right calf!
I am so very excited and nervous and I can’t wait!
Ooh- and I’m going to the same woman who did my strawberry a few years ago! I found her again by a completely random stroke of luck and I am so very glad I can go to her again.
Be prepared for pictures of all kinds, oh ever loyal bunnies of mine, and you know I mean pictures of my tattoo being done of course!

14 thoughts on “My Soon-To-Be New Ink

  1. louisa: i was going to keep all my tattoos black besides the strawberrry i already have- but i have wanted a cupcake for ages, and that can’t not be colour!

    gill: i’m more excited than nervous- and reminding myself that it hurts like a mother trucker! with my last one the pain was a suprise!

    simply-mel: 😀

    abrightfuture: definitely

    lynette: lol… this will be my 5th, and i have many more planned!

  2. I heart Tattoos. I would love to see pics. I’m trying very hard to refrain from getting anymore, however, so far it’s not working. I see a new one in my future. 🙂

  3. Ok, I am gonna stay tuned for this one….

    Thanks for commenting on my blog – you are a honey. (but I wont tell anyone ok?)

  4. Coool! I can’t wait to see pics. I am planning my first tat, intend getting it in January. I’m really, really nervous!!

  5. Looks very colourful angel 🙂
    Maybe I should get you to design something for me too?

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