It Was A Blogger’s Weekend!

On Friday after school, the knucklehead went to his favourite mall with some friends. Initially I said that he couldn’t go because it would mean my driving through peak traffic to pick him up. And then I mulled it over a little and remembered that I no longer have to do these things alone- and called my Glugster- suggesting we go a little later to pick the knucklehead up and maybe have some supper or see a movie ourselves. Glugs was game, so I made the knucklehead’s week by texting him to say yes, he could go, and reminded him to keep his phone on and with him at all times. He was very pleased, and my Glugs and I ended up at Ciao Baby Cucina for supper. My Glugster’s fillet was done in a sauce with nuts and it was simply incredible… he’s lucky I didn’t insist on switching plates completely! I had veal, wrapped around a slice of ham and mozzarella done in a tomato and olive sauce, and it was delicious too! I dunno what the knucklehead ate or drank, but he said he did both… AFTER we found him in the events arena when it was time to head home- with a girl lying in his lap!!! We had good fun ripping him off about that for a bit. LOL… my little heart breaker!

I did not, however, take my camera with me… I have got to stop doing that!


On Saturday we were up relatively early again, as my Glugs wanted to go shopping for work clothes. We had breakfast at a place called Piatto and it was simply dreadful! We were seated quickly enough as it was early, and she very quickly noted our drinks orders- almost walking away before the knucklehead could order his, and then took our food orders when she came back with the coffees. The knucklehead wasn’t eating, I ordered eggs Benedict and my Glugs had a tramezzini. She disappeared again and that was the last we had of service of any kind until I caught a manager’s eye!!! Our coffees were long gone and we were still waiting for our food! I don’t mind waiting for food- but hell, the least they can do is make sure you wouldn’t like something else whilst you wait! The manager took another round of drinks orders for us and our food arrived shortly afterwards. To be honest, it looked like mine had been standing for a while… you know how melted cheese goes sorta hard if it cools and stands exposed for any length of time? And let me just say that there’s very little that I loathe more than a runny egg- I forgot to specify ‘well done’ and she didn’t ask. Bad waitress. Bad bad waitress. Let’s just say we won’t be going back to Piatto, and she didn’t get much of a tip.

And then I was spoilt some more when my Glugs bought me a bottle of Vera Wang’s “Princess”! It’s simply divine and I adore it!!! It’s so subtle. And such a gawjiss bottle!!! We did quite a bit of shopping, with my Glugster finding everything he needed which was fabulous. I found blouses on sale in Edgars’ Penny C range (the only ones that fit properly over my boobs) which was very cool too.

And again I left my camera at home!!!


After we got home (and my feet were killing me because I wanted to look cute and wore my new red heels to shop in), I started on Tamara’s birthday cupcakes. What fun! She told me her favourite colour is purple, so I decided to do the red velvet cupcakes that I like so much, with a butter icing in shades of purple and white. I had all sorts of goodies to play with including icing stars and glitter!

When my sister C and her other half arrived later for a braai, he exclaimed that they were the sexiest cupcakes he’d ever seen! A very original compliment I reckon! My Glugs and sister C’s “D” then set about measuring and planning and discussing a few things we want done around the house. It really does help to talk to a pro- he came up with ideas we hadn’t even thought of! Now we’re hoping it can all be finished and all sexy-like and party friendly by November 1st in time for my Glugs’ birthday party (details pending)!

On Sunday… what happened Sunday… ermmm… oh yes- we were up early again. Well I was. I was awake at 6h30!!! On a Sunday morning!!! I couldn’t work out what had woken me so I just played online till my Glugs woke up too.

Then we popped in at Woolworths Foodshop for all sorts of picnic goodies to take with us to celebrate Tamara and her other half’s birthday at Emmarentia Dam Botanic Gardens! It’s a fabulous place and I can’t wait to see it in summer. When we arrived, I suddenly realised I didn’t have telephone numbers for Arkwife, Ruby or Tamara… and the park is HUGE! My Glugs and I wondered how we were going to find them, and then wandered the park a bit (leaving the knucklehead to guard the munchies and the chairs) trying not to examine each largish group of people too closely, hoping we’d find Tamara, or she’d see us. Mine and Glugs’ shins were aching by the time we got back to where Damien was sitting, LOL, and I was on the point of simply yelling Tamara’s name till she heard me when Glugs said they were walking up the hill behind us. We’d been looking and they weren’t there yet! She set off to find a spot for all the people with her and we followed. Once we’d chosen a tree, we put out our chairs and such, and then Tamara called us all into a circle where we introduced ourselves and then played a rather challenging game simply called “HA!”


I’m not even going to attempt to explain it- I’ll just say it was fun, it was an icebreaker, and Ruby was one of the winners! The conversation was fabulous, and getting to meet and chat to Arkwife and Ruby in person was an added bonus. After we’d eaten, drunk and been merry- Arkwife, Ruby, the knucklehead, my Glugs and I made our way to Cool Runnings to try and hook up with EXMI before she had to duck to fetch the kid. We just barely made it in time to spend a few minutes with her and she had to dash off and do the mommy thing… we stayed on however, indulging in a few cocktails, awesome conversation, fabulous company and nibbly things before making our way home again.

I think I was lights out by about 10pm!!!

11 thoughts on “It Was A Blogger’s Weekend!

  1. sleepyjane: it was, and they’re so awesome!

    glugster: oops, sorry babe… you weren’t sposed to see that…

    becauseican: why thank you! and yes- our wedding pictures will be fantastic!

    sweets: 😀

    ruby: me either!

    expensivemistakescheapthrills: heh heh… thats what you call looking awful!!?!?

    arkwife: lol, ta!!

  2. Hehe….they look even better in person 🙂

    It was fab to finally meet you guys in person. Can’t wait for the next time!!

  3. pictures are lovely. was great to see you guys too.

    next time i promise not to drink the night before, so i am full of beans and not feeling shitty and looking awful!

  4. i also love that pic, you two really do make a great couple!!!! i think i should buy you a frame to put that pic in 🙂

  5. oh man… you and Glugs make a stunning couple!

    Great photo of the two of you.. Your wedding photos are going to look fantastic!

    ehem, am I getting ahead of myself here??


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