I Got My Cupcake Tattoo!!!

my final drawing design.

The drawing transferred onto my skin.
starting the black lines…

the black outlines finished
starting the colour…

finished… red, raw and stinging… and not yet pretty… but finished. About 10cm from top to bottom.

I spent the last week reminding myself that it hurts- and I think it helped…
I am so pleased with the result, and I can hardly wait till its all healed up and pretty!

23 thoughts on “I Got My Cupcake Tattoo!!!

  1. arkwife: i can give it a shot… but thats not my strong point

    msmozi: you go girl!

    meherenow: LOL… you’re forgiven!

    the jackson files: you aren’t the only one who thought it’d be smaller… and it’ll be a while before i can shave properly!

    reslesshousewife: wow- that is big! can we see it?

  2. I saw the title of this post and HAD to see it! Wow – looking at the pix made me think: I can’t even believe I went through the pain of getting a 10″ x 6″ one on my back over 10 years ago! I was a lot “tougher” back then though. Now, I’m back to being the whimp I was before my “dark years”.


  3. Holy cow! That’s hot and WAY bigger than I expected. Best keep those legs well shaven lady!

  4. HeHe! I just had a funny thought – well I thought it was funny(!)If you let the hair on your legs grow you’ll have a fluffy cupcake! Although funnier if you say muffin!!!

    OK OK forgive me – I’m fasting. Blood and brain don’t meet till later on tonight!

  5. I have tattoo envy!!! Congrats Angel, looks great and will look even better in a few weeks time. I think you’ve motivated me to finally go for my second tat.

  6. I want one too!!!! It look stunning Angel. I may just ask you to design my next tattoo πŸ™‚

  7. sleepyjane: doesn’t it just!!?!

    ruby: ta!

    gill: ag thenx menn!!!

    sweets: you like!!?!

    faerie: too cute for you eh?

    kingcover: good advice, i’ll keep it in mind.

  8. You do know that you can’t lick, eat or bite a cupcake tattoo. I mean you could but it wont be cupcake flavour. I also wouldn’t advice flashing your leg at the neighbour’s dog – it might think dinner is served! πŸ˜€

  9. becauseican & meherenow: my mom also expected it to be smaller…

    meherenow: why thank you!!!

    leila: hello new visitor- and thank you for the compliment!!!

    ~c: another new visitor who commented! love it! i’ll try to remember…

    mel: πŸ˜€
    i think its a gawjiss idea!!! though you’re braver than i am in putting your other half’s name on you… putting damien’s name on my back is as far as i’ll go.

    becauseican: it did indeed- but it hurt less than my wings did. and believe me- you’ll see it as soon as its pretty!

  10. WOW! that must’ve hurt like such a biatch!

    I think it looks fabulous ..you are such a babe!
    It is abit bigger than I thought it was going to be.. But I am soo impressed with your result!.. Don’t forget to show us when it has healed..


  11. LOVE it, can I lick your leg please baby!
    I have decided to start off small and first do Gary’s name and a heart shaped locket next to it on my wrist. He has my name on his wrist and will add a key. A little corny but love is anyway corny when done well!

  12. It’s pretty now.. But yeah, once it’s healed.. Wowee!..

    i’ll be sure to check back.. and remember to “Smack that” when it itches…


  13. Wow! I like! Its much bigger than I expected. I was a bit worried that the sprinkles would look like pills – but they don’t!
    I would NEVER have the guts to get one – go girl!

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