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So sorry to disappoint you all- AnGlug is a couple and living together as a family with the furry masters and the knucklehead- but there’re no rings on anyone’s fingers yet. Apart from the jewellery he’s already given me, that is. I didn’t mean to get all you all so excited!

The news is this.

I am super happy and spoilt and I cannot remember how I survived on my own for as long as I did! He completes me.

You may commence hurling.


Actually, this is the news:
Damien spends his weekends on the couch in front of the TV. He stays up late. He records and re-watches Animax and Cartoon Network on the PVR. He eats whatever we’ve said he may eat and drinks all the coke in the fridge. The place is a disaster area when he wakes up.
During the week, he sleeps in his bedroom upstairs, which is next to ours, as his “bedtime” is 21h30. If he doesn’t get at least 7 hours sleep he’s such a little twerp in the morning I already want to hit him when I wake him up.
Getting off the topic here.
What IS news is that when I find Damien sleeping downstairs when I go to wake him on a weekday, I know something is up and he didn’t sleep well.
And now I’m not sure whether or not to take as a compliment the fact that he can speak to me as candidly as he did… or to be totally mortified!
He begged me please to let him take over the garage and turn it into his living quarters because, apparently my Glugster and I are a little loud.
I said no, he couldn’t have the garage as it is for our cars and other assorted boxes… and apologised.
I apologised to my son for having noisy sex and keeping him awake… even though its late and he should already be asleep and we shut and lock the door and all…

Ooh- I almost forgot- I am attending the 15th Annual ADHASA Conference this weekend coming. Its two VERY full days, so I will be quite bushed by the end- but the programme looks splendid and its yet more to add to my AD/HD education.

17 thoughts on “News from AnGlug Central

  1. all-bunnies: i have the same thing to say back to all of you… i’m glad you could have a giggle at my discomfort!


  2. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I can just see his face…..bwahahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!

    Maybe you should invest in a sleepercouch…for those noisy nights 🙂

  3. Did you think that throwing in that bit about the ADHASA Conference was going to make us not notice that your noisy sex woke your son up?!? 🙂

    Glad somebody’s gettin’ some!!!

  4. Just buy him an extra pillow so he can pull it over his head to muffle the animalistic noises emanating from the next room 😉

    p.s. are you guys on your third or fourth bed now? I’ve lost count. Hehehehehe.

  5. MwahahaHAHA! That is funny. Not for you, obviously, but for the rest of us who can giggle at your embarrassment 😉

    Slip a natural valerian pill into his tea. Although… those things smell awful, so he’d probably notice.

  6. OMW.. lolololol… Its an awkward one for sure..

    Do what our parents did.. Avoid and change the subject..

    And then give him loads of housework to do..

    Oh and next time you get all “loud” do what we do.. put music on in the room to mask the otherwise obvious

  7. OMG. That is beyond mortifying.

    (Although I am a little jealous that you are having so much noisy sex.)

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