One Of My Colleagues Had A Baby!

His wife popped in at the office this morning with their 3 week old darling baby girl! I had my trusty camera on hand- and you’ll only be seeing her hands ‘coz she’s not mine and I don’t have their permission… Her bib says ““…!!
She is so tiny, and she has the most beautiful fingers and hands and such a flawless skin…

sorry… pictures are back- I tried to edit the post on my phone but screwed it up in the process!

8 thoughts on “One Of My Colleagues Had A Baby!

  1. OHHHHH to cute! I love new babies – doesn’t have to be mine! Glad you sorted out the photos I thought I’d missed a memo!

  2. Cool beans, I can see the little baby now 🙂
    The third pic reminds me of my little brother when he was not much older than this baby – there’s a pic of my sister and me holding my little brother and he’s doing the ‘boxing pose’. Babies always seem to do that one where they put their fists up to their face as if they are about to knock someone out 😉

  3. I’m loving all that HTML stuff! Must be the new breed of designer baby. Would be really sore on the mother to have to push out a ‘V’ or a ‘K’ though, whereas an ‘I’ would just slide right out 🙂

  4. Wow, that is some beautiful looking html code those folks had! Gorgeous!

    Ummmmm…I see no baby pictures!!

  5. are these new little people not SPECIAL??
    I love babies, so many being born ~ seems everyone I know is having a boy, refreshing to see a baby girl again…

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