Oh My Word Am I Bushed Or What Bunnies!?!!

I had a really looooong, really interesting weekend.

So lemme play catch-up with my Glugster, and type up my seminar notes, and stop crying after saying goodbye to my bestest best friend last night at their “bon voyage” party, and tomorrow night at the airport…

And THEN I’ll be back to tell you all about the NSNMOTB family farewells (with photos), the last three F1 race reviews, my annoying landlady, how I didn’t get to bake any cupcakes for the last two weeks, how my cupcake is itching, the ADHD conference at WITS that I also attended this weekend (I took a few pics there), the knucklehead and my Glugster moving some more of our stuff to the house, I’ll be handing out some awards and I’ll be posting a meme.

See y’all soon!!!

8 thoughts on “Oh My Word Am I Bushed Or What Bunnies!?!!

  1. goblin: indeedy…

    sweets, tamara & the jackson files: lol, really?!

    e.m.c.t.: i’m trying!

    meherenow: ;P

    kingcover: i took so many… and most of them with NMOTB’s camera!

  2. Just about 5 hours left for NMOTB and her family. I wish her a safe flight 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing the pics that you took.

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