Current Addictions

This here meme’s rules are as follows…
*Post at least five current addictions and why you’re addicted to them
*Link to the creator of this here meme (awesome way to get people to come and check you out) and to the person who tagged you… and here I blame Tamara, who inhabits “Doodles of a Journo” and then she can share the blame with Blue Sunflower from “My So Called Life”, Louisa from 123 Blog Myself, and Expensive Mistakes Cheap Thrills, who tagged me as well!!!
*Head your post with “Current addictions
*Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules

And without further ado here’re my five!!!

1. My brand spanking new Nine West handbag… oh my… Its brown, it looks like crocodile skin, it’s big enough for all my crap including my fan and it fits beautifully snugly under my arm.

2. I have a shiny red travel mug from “Wild Bean Café”. I can now make coffee just before leaving the house in the morning and drink it on the way to work! Or I can use it at work and my coffee stays hot while I run around like a mad thing, or I can stop at the “Wild Bean Café” itself and have them fill it up for me, or I can use it at work to keep my fridge-water cold!!!

3. My new tattoo… yes I know, it’s hardly something one CAN be addicted to, and its now a little itchy and its still scabbed and not yet pretty, but I love to look at it and run my fingers over it and I want to show it to everyone I come across!!!

4. My Glugster. Perhaps this is a predictable one- but after 9 months I could still not be happier! Ahem… gag warning, bunnies… when I look at him, or at photos of him, I find myself thinking how sexy he is. When I snuggle up to him I am in heaven and I can’t get enough of his kisses!

5. My laptop remains an addiction no matter how long I have it. If I go somewhere without it, it feels almost strange!

And with that I think I’ll tag… Ydnic, Cath, Cami, Spookie and Dawn! Ready? Steady… Go!

16 thoughts on “Current Addictions

  1. We share an laptop addiction, how would I ever write this without her 🙂

    I probably didn’t do this right, but I tagged you back. Just cause I’m silly.


  2. kitty kat: helloooo! if you click on the link on “my new tattoo” it’ll take you to pics of when i had it done… its still healing so it looks a wee bit different now- and as soon as its healed i’ll put new pics up!

  3. So what does your tattoo look like? Any chance you could post up a pic for us? When it’s healed, of course.

  4. w.w.: howdy stranger! hell i haven’t been to your place in ages… i hate when real life interferes with my reading!
    i woulda tagged him ‘cept he’d already been tagged, lol. and i forgot to list my cupcake addiction (ta sweets) and my addiction to all things internet… blogging especially!
    really nice to see you again dude!

  5. Hey well wouldn’t it have made sense to tag the Glugster, so you’d be forced to write that you’re one of HIS addictions too?

    Just kidding.

    Personally, I’m addiction-free. I just hover around aimlessly in my spaceship, watching beautiful women.

  6. brigitte: helloooo sister b!!! it is so cool to have you comment here again!

    gill: lol… that happens to me too!

    ruby: i will indeedy!

    e.m.c.t.: 😀

    kingcover: yeah, they’re not dreadfully well liked in reviews- but the cup works!

    tamara: hhmmm… i wonder if i get a discount on my refills?

    sweets: lol… you are SO right!

    charmskool: oh nooo… i thought i’d finally finished playing catch-up!

    michelle hix: gimme a chance doll! i had some typing and sleep and sex to catch up on!!!

  7. A meme? What happened to the weekend pics/explanation!? We’ll give you one more day! 🙂

  8. Tres cool, my friend. Thanks for playing 😉

    I want one of those coffee mug things from Vida e Caffe… you can take it in when you buy coffee from them and get a 10% discount every time, as well as cutting down on the number of non-bio-friendly throwaway cups used. Nice idea, hey?

  9. The person who wrote that appraisal on the Wild Bean Cafe didn’t seem very impressed with his cappuccino or anything else for that matter. I think I could force myself to drink one though. I love cappies 🙂

  10. haha.

    yes, you are a lucky girl.

    although with all your lovey-dovey stuff you make me wanna barf.

    (i’ve said that before, and i’ll prob say it again soon)

  11. oh, and even tho I’m gagging……you two are too sweet:) I can’t help but smile when you talk like that

  12. Now I’ve got a bad case of the “I wants..” I want a handbag like that…I want a travel mug like that…. I want a laptop!!! Maybe I should send my family a copy of this post… Christmas is coming you know!

  13. WOW!! For the first time in MONTHS I am able to check out a tiny piece of your blog!! Love the pics of you at the top, love the green, love the legalicious spider that catches my mouse, and all the other thingy’s you have on the side bar. Even the little sneezing dragon I sent you – you still have him too!!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, so funny how that story seems to make everyone wanna cry – I don’t. I am almost bursting when I tell people about it – but generally the eyes filling with ters, the lumps in the throat – ja, I get that reaction everytime a coconut!! (is that spelling right there…???). I believe it is because of the Holy Spirit – it is a rather powerful testimony hey? This is a nice long comment, hope it makes you happy!!!

    I will do the meme soon!
    Love you madly sis!!!
    MWA! MWA! MWA!!

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