Bon Voyage… Goodbye… Tot Weer Siens…

On Saturday night, we had a bit of a party with friends and family to say good bye. We had a few speeches later in the evening- which promptly had all of us in tears… but we had a chance to chat, and take LOTS of pictures on several different cameras, and say goodbye properly! Then on Monday I was at the airport with the rest of the family to wish them bon voyage when they flew.
We were all being very brave, but when we arrived at the international departures terminal and started hugging and actually saying goodbye, the women and the kidlets totally disolved…
It was sad, but good, and I’m not going to say too much more ‘coz I’m getting all choked up again!
I miss you dreadfully already my BBF… I know you’ll be happy and prosperous, and I know my godsons will teach the Aussies how to play rugby, and we’ll come and visit you as soon as I get my passport!!!
on the way to the departures terminal…
on the way to the departures terminal…
dylan playing rugby in the passages!
checking on hand luggage
NSNMOTB’s daddy darling

me and my boyzz
NSNMOTB decided to crash early…
NSNMOTB’s mom & little sister
NSNMOTB & the knucklehead

I speechified a little… the NSNMOTB famdamily
Mr NSNMOTB with his Mom & sister in-law
my bestest best friend and I!
NSNMOTB & her mommy darling
NSNMOTB… a.k.a. my bestest best friend for the last 26 years, Gen!
Us again…
da boyzzz!!!
our boyzz

16 thoughts on “Bon Voyage… Goodbye… Tot Weer Siens…

  1. More and more of us are having to say goodbyes to the people we love most. Am so sorry it had to be your turn … so sucks. Thank God for the internet, skype and all this techno crap that make life and communication that much easier.

  2. Ugh, I remember reading about this pending move. And yeah, saying goodbye does suck! Hope you are recovering well and they made it to their new home ok.

  3. Aww Great pictures! I have forgotten about her, I feel bad now. I lost all my links when I updated my blog once and lost her apparently.

  4. all-bunnies: it was heartsore, but happy… does that make sense? i got a fab email and lots of pictures already!

  5. You are in much closer contact with my cuz than I am. Please let me know how they are doing? Gosh I can imagine that saying goodbye must have been horrible. I wish I went to say goodbye…

  6. Parting is such sweet sorrow…(you know the rest).

    It’s high emotion for people you hold in high esteem in your life. What could be better?

  7. I was able to talk with her for a few minutes last night. They were in Sydney at that time and would be moving on to their new home later today (they might be there now possibly). The boys were out playing on their bicycles. They felt safe šŸ™‚
    Melbourne and Sydney are really beautiful cities apparently. Lucky ducks, lol.

    Loved looking at your pics Angel. They are a beautiful family and I wish them well in their new Aussie lives šŸ˜€

  8. I’m welling up here. You looked like you held it together well. I know its tough but you’ve said it before they’ve had a hard time and need some “peace”. I hope they settle well and you get to go and see them soon.


    (Ps Damien looked good in the “big brother” role ;-D)

  9. Awww Angel, I hope you’re okay. My BFF is leaving to live in Beijing next week, so I kinda know how you feel.

  10. Awww that is so sad. šŸ™ Good luck to them! And you guys! I can only imagine how hard it is to say goodbye.

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