Sowff Effrikuh Rocks, Bunnies!

Last week some time, Expensive Mistakes Cheap Thrills came up with this here meme to list reasons she loves her country after she’d given a blogful to a wanker who started an “S A Sux” type of site (and no, I didn’t even go there and I won’t link them)!

She then tagged Caz, who tagged Charmskool (at least… I think Caz tagged Charmskool) who then tagged me. Blue Sunflower did the list too and ALSO tagged me!

So erm… Am I not blogging enough that I’m being double and triple tagged lately!!?!?

Anyhoodle, I said it’d have to wait for this week as I already had 5 posts lined up and “scheduled” when I got tagged- and since I’m doing mine long after everyone else I’ll prolly be listing stuff that’s already been said… But here it is. Five reasons I love being a Sowff Effrikun.

1. We have kick-ass musicians and some of my all time favourite artists are local! There’s Wonderboom, Boo, Seether, Springbok Nude Girls, Prime Circle, Zen Arcade… and these are just a very few of my favourites!

2. Granted, I- personally- do not really like the sunshine and the heat, and I have a ridiculously fair English skin and have never had a tan in my life, that said we do have incredible weather! The fact that I can take Damien to the coast (not the Cape coast, obviously, which is freezing at the best of times) in the middle of winter and he can still swim in the sea is awesome for a water-baby like him. We really do live in an exquisitely beautiful country.

3. I love the fact that you can drive out of a major city centre- often for less than an hour- and be in a game reserve! I know of maybe five game reserves and parks of various types and sizes within an hour’s drive of my home.

4. Food! We have incredible food. And who can argue when it come to pap and sauce with a braai?! And boerewors! And biltong! Ooh and marmite… and malva-pudding! And our wines are magnificent! And chutney! And fresh fruit and veggies in just about every shop you go to. And you can visit any number of exceptional restaurants and order a steak the size of your dinner-plate and NOT have to take out a loan to afford it. I’ve heard more than once that other countries do not have red meat as freely available or as affordable as it is here. And I do love a good steak.

5. And last but not least- my Glugster is a Sowff Effrikun! Corny, I know, but very valid since I won’t live anywhere he isn’t!

So you wanna know what’s weird… I really, REALLY, battled to come up with this list! It was really hard to pinpoint specifics. Just to be clear- I am not negative, and I have no intention of emigrating or anything as I really have no reason to and I love this country… but all the things I truly love that are REALLY important to me- are not necessarily uniquely South African… does that make sense?!

I’m not tagging anyone as it seems a lot of people tagged themselves anyway, and I think just about everyone I read has done it too.

7 thoughts on “Sowff Effrikuh Rocks, Bunnies!

  1. Yip, I smaak this place stukkend! I will save my reasons for my blog for another day but reading yours reminds me that JOZI and SLAAPSTAD are pretty different in what they offer.

  2. I, too, agree with the meat mention. Colorado raves about its meat – but honestly? I think it sucks big time. Tough and flavorless! I came here from the Midwest part of this country, and about all I can say is: Colorado has a l-o-n-g way to go before it can produce beef anywhere near the quality of Midwest beef. And whaddup with the fact that I can not find veal in this damn state? (^_^)

  3. I so get your point about the meat in SA – we ordered a steak in the USA and it was so expensive and so tiny and not very good at all!

  4. I think everyday is a great day to be a South African. We are very lucky to live here.

  5. i must do mine too still!!! i’m battling … which is so odd cause i heart SA so much… love your list tjomma 🙂

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