Life Interferes… For A Bit…

I’m feeling a little, erm… “off” and I have so much to do that I’ve been putting off- including moving the last of my stuff out of the flat and into my home with my Glugster (I’m supposed to be all out by next Tuesday)!
In true Angel style, procrastination rules.
The knucklehead is on holiday, so I’m sleeping a little later in the mornings than I am used to- which is nice- but it makes for shitty traffic!
I’m having the most dreadful dreams that wake me up at 4 in the morning- and when I manage to get back to sleep they continue- like pausing a movie!! WTF!?!?!! And I’m someone who never remembers dreaming at all!!!
We have a very formal wedding to attend in a couple of weeks time and neither my Glugs or I have anything to wear yet! Don’t even get me started on trying to find something- I had a simple dress in mind but do you think I could find it anywhere?!!!? I don’t want red or black because the theme is red black and silver and the bridesmaids are in black, so I wanted blue or turquoise, or even pink or purple. And this particular style suits me, and its a little flattering for me as I’m no supermodel… So yesterday, after we’d been to the flat and moved and packed boxes, we visited no less than three shopping malls and 7 dress shops, I came home empty handed. For one thing, the gowns are way too sparkly and shiny- which I love, but its not what I want for this wedding. And a large majority of the gowns have either spaghetti straps or no straps- and I need at least some strap to cover my bra. And I do NOT want sleeves! Enough on that…

I am so tired that I’m falling asleep at work!!!
I haven’t finished with my attempt at a VLOG…
I have a few memes due…
I so want to tell you all about introducing my Glugs’ evil puppies to my furbabies on Wednesday! Ooh- its BlogGirls on Sunday, and Sweets, Ydnic and I were going to drive together! I so badly wanted to bake cupcakes to take with me… and then I had to cancel because there is still so much I need to move out of the flat and neither my Glugs’ or I can take any time off!!!
Here’s something to play with while I take a few days off!

You Are 80% Normal About Sex

You’re so normal about sex, it’s a little scary.

Your sexual attitudes and experiences match up with most other people.

Like everyone else, you’re a little naughty and a little traditional.

You enjoy sex, but you’re not a total freak about it!

10 thoughts on “Life Interferes… For A Bit…

  1. Im suggesting this … even though I havent read he comments… cuz Im not reading the novelas people post… LOL yes. Im that lazy.

    when you find a dress you like… if its a tad long… take it to the alterations place and have them make you the straps for the shoulders from the fabric they cut off to hem to your height. and let me suggest some scalloped type or something with a sculptured look.. it will look like it belonged on the dress to begin with…

    there you go.. my own novela comment. enjoy

  2. becauseican: you nailed the shopping thing. and a lot of the women in those shops are just rude.

    ruby: i would text you to remind you but i don’t have your number…
    ~~hint hint~~

    tamara: innit just?!

    arkwife: 😀
    my hair’s going up… i’ll remind you about bloggirls next time via email since i can’t call or text you!

    jennybean: oooer… did you find something?

    kingcover: lol… you nut! its an odd thing to decide- normal about sex- but it said “sex” so i had to try it.

  3. Just ditch the bra and it’ll make your choice a little more wide … um I mean open … eek I mean varied. I think I got away with it. Haha.

  4. I’m with ya on the chopping thing. I know what I want, they just don’t make it!

    I have a weddig on Saturday and need a new outfit… wish me luck!

  5. Aaarrrrgghhh!! I can’t believe I forgot about Bloggirls again. Damn!!

    Anyway, I don’t want to even talk about shopping…I hate shopping!! I find stuff that I like, but then I look like crap in them, so I just give up.

    I really do hope you find something fantastic though (and maybe straighten your hair too….though I don’t think you’ll make it out the door with Glugs around, hehehe)

  6. i always have the same problem. I always see tons of stuff i like, until i actually have to buy something…then i can’t find a single thing to my liking…*sigh*

    i missed bloggirls too:( and i actually wanted to go this time…..such is life i guess

  7. Shopping for clothes is always difficult.. particularly if you have something SPECIFIC in mind and it feels like all the shops are out to get you..

    Will keep my fingers crossed for you 😉

    Delegate some of the things on your to do list, make some hot chocolate and go watch a movie with your two favourite guys.. will do you good!

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