It has started…

Party preparations is what.
Tomorrow night we’re celebrating the Glugster’s birthday just passed with a costume slash Halloween party.
It looks like we’ll have a pretty decent turn-out too (and me mailing everyone a few times may help to make sure they remember).
We’ve organised luvverly nibbly things and I’m REALLY looking forward to it! I never need an excuse to dress up in a costume of some kind and my Glugs and I took quite a while to decide what we would wear. And now the three of us have our costumes- I went and rented some stuff yesterday- and I’m while not saying anything now, you’ll see pictures next week of course!
We’re arranging for a security guard for the people who end up parking outside (as there’s not enough space inside), and we’ve arranged for the maid to come back on Sunday and help clean up (South Africa definitely has its perks).
I’m going today to get balloons and such with which to decorate the house, and I’m going to see what I can do about organising extra seating (we still had a dining room suite the last time we had a party).
Ooh, and I’m going to bake cupcakes and decorate them to look like spiders and eyeballs and such as well!
So- if you’re coming and didn’t get the email with the directions in it, let me know and I’ll send them again- and if you could bring a chair with you that’d be fabulous… and of course, don’t forget your costume and your preferred liquid poison!

Thats it for my Friday… the Knucklehead starts exams next week, so he has already started asking if he could go out tonight. I inflicted my parental status on him and said no. Whilst he insists he’s been studying flat out for the last couple of weeks, I know he was up till after 10PM last night PAINTING HIS CHAOS SPACE MARINES GENERAL!!! It looks incredible, but he did no revision! Then on Tuesday he left his school bag AT SCHOOL, and since he takes all his books to school every single day (and yes, I have tried to get him to stop doing that) that meant there was no revision done.
I could go on, but then I’m just going to start worrying about him passing again…
And now I just got a phone call from the school to please come and fetch him as he’s throwing up all over the place!
Bloody marvellous!!!

Have a groovy weekend bunnies, and for those I’m seeing tomorrow- I can’t wait!!

I Wanna Buy A New Car…!!!

Its only going to happen next year some time- but here are some of the models I’m mulling over…

This, oh ever loyal bunnies of mine, is the tippity top of my “I WANT IT AND HAVE TO HAVE IT” list… The Opel Corsa OPC. Whew. Sadly though, at R230K its more than a little out of my affordability bracket! But ohhh… that trapezoid exhaust. Those gills. That spoiler. Those lights. The mags. Wow. Is it not exquisite!!?!

Are you drooling yet…?
And here are some of the others I like, not in any particular order- but I will say as much if I like it a lot…

This is the Suzuki Swift. Very cute- but it looks much better in real life. Not bad- but not a favourite.

Here is the Mini Cooper S Hatch. Sexy, sleek, fast, I love this one LOTS… but also a tad expensive!

The Opel Corsa. The newer version of my current car. I do like this one a LOT… also not cheap, but a little more affordable than the OPC.

Here’s the Nissan Tiida. Its nice, but not riiiiiiiight at the top of my selection options. It would be nice for me and My Glugs to both drive Nissans… LOL!

This is the Mazda 2. Very popular and VERY cute indeed, especially in real life!

This, bunnies, is a Chery Tiggo!! How awesomely cute is this car!??! I was pleasantly suprised when I found this one. Definitely a groovy choice I reckon. Very different to what I thought I was looking for- but very nice indeed.

This is a Citroen C1. Cute… but a little too small. I don’t think I want to go as small as the Smart, Micra or the C1.

This is the Audi A3 3-door. A classic. A beautiful car. Like it lots. But a tad expensive for me…

And how’s this for waaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my league forever and ever unless I win a few million in the lottery… The Alfa Romeo Brera. I love it to death. I may consider selling a kidney for this one…

And this here peach of a car is also sadly out of my league financially, and I am seriously torn between deciding whether the OPC, or this- the Alfa Romeo 147 3-door- is my favourite favourite. This one has always been a favourite of mine, so in that respect it outranks the OPC. But given the choice tomorrow to pick one of them and drive it away, I’d have a hard time doing so.

So do you see a trend?



3 Door.

Any suggestions?