A Bundu-Bashing We Did Go

We spent this last weekend on the game farm again! What a wonderful- albeit short- break. Damien took his buddy J with him- which was a good idea as the two of them kept each other busy.

The drive to the farm on Friday evening was a nightmare! What should have been 2.5 hours took us 5! Every incident or obstruction we could possibly encounter actually happened! Traffic was dreadful. There were accidents. Roads were closed. Just horrible. As a result, we were too worn out to do anything when we got to the farm at 11:30pm and went straight to bed!

Anyhoodle, the list of game we saw on this visit is a long one…

genet (which crossed the road in front of us on the night we arrived)
bushbabies (we only see these with the spotlight)
buffalo (which we’ve never seen and this time only in the spotlight at a distance)
water monitor
nightjar (unfortunately I don’t know which one we saw… they’re a nightmare to tell apart)
and as always- lotsa spiders, frogs and beetles and such!

The night-ride on the game vehicle always yields some spectacular results for us, and I can never get over how the animals don’t seem terribly fussed about the spotlight. This time I tried to take pictures on the night drive, but my camera’s flash isn’t strong enough, and without it the pictures are mostly blurred. I’ve posted photies on my photoblog anyway so you can see what we saw.

Unfortunately Damien and J came down with some or other tummy-bug late on Saturday night. Frankly, I think it was their smoking pipe-tobacco rolled into makeshift cigarettes after they ran out of smokes that made them sick… and they deny eating or drinking anything strange. And we all ate and drank the same things and neither the Glugster or I were ill at all.

The drive home was thankfully uneventful. We got home, unloaded the car, packed away the groceries that we brought home with us- and then I made some supper before we watched Harry Potter and went to bed.

Ooh, and the tiling and paving and such at home is coming along beautifully and its really going to look fabulous when its finished.

9 thoughts on “A Bundu-Bashing We Did Go

  1. ruby: well it DEFINITELY takes practice! i’ve found it gets easier to spot them each time we go.

  2. noice! i’m jealous as hell:( i can’t wait for a well deserved trip to a game farm…..

    glad you guys had fun…you’re always very lucky when it comes to what you saw…how do you do it?

  3. southern sage: lol… how’d i know you’d say something like that!?!

    the jackson files: and we do!

    tamara: it was, but hopefully it won’t happen again.

    jennybean: 😀

    sweets: ;P
    if glugs’ parents can’t make it then you must come with us again next time!

    yellowdog granny: aawww thanx!

  4. im so jealous that you have all of that right there…how lucky for you..

    ps..just wanted you to know how happy i am for you ..

  5. I get jealous every time you go to the game farm. But the five hours it took to get there sound like a nightmare!

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