Drama Drama Drama…

You guessed it… the knucklehead brought home his second to last report “card” yesterday.
Things are not looking good…
Later this week we will be sitting down and having a serious chat about whether or not he’s going back to school next year.
Keep me in your thoughts bunnies… I need all the strength I can get right now.

37 thoughts on “Drama Drama Drama…

  1. Hi sweet Angel,
    I got an SOS from a mom with an 11 year old ADHD kid.
    For whatever reason, God really struck my heart with her.
    I am blogging our e-mail communications.
    It should be very interesting to watch it unfold.
    I don’t know why, but it feels really important to me,
    important enough to put a whole lot of other stuff aside
    to be there for her.

    I have no idea who where what why or how,
    but I’m showing up anyway.

    Your support would be awesome.
    She will be watching for suggestions and encouragement
    in the comments section.

    You know so many other cool parents that could help a lot.
    Could you put the word out? I think this Momma needs us.
    Both of us know… 11 year old boy, single mom, holy crap, poor thing!
    She has a ride ahead of her.

  2. I’m sure he’ll be fine… don’t know how old he is or in what grade, but I’m also single… and have two teenagers (girl in Grade 11 and boy in Grade 9) and raising them can sometimes feel like trying to nail jelly to a tree.

    I also remember my own father telling me that I would stay in school… even if it meant that I wrote my matric when I was 50 (haha).

    When things get tough, I remember myself at that age… a naughty little brat. We all grow up wone way or another… eventually 🙂

    May the force be with you honey. I am.

  3. all bunnies: i must apologise for leaving you all hanging for so long… but it was a bit of an “if i ignore it it’ll go away” situation for me for a while.
    thank you thank you thank you for your concern, advice, ideas, input, prayers, thoughts, compliments… its been awesome truly.
    the “talk” is done, decisions have been made, post pending!

  4. Good luck with the talk. Ultimately I know you guys will work it out, because you’re a great mother and that’s just what you do.

  5. Hello my beauty!
    God only knows what would become of me without your angelic prodding.

    I have posted as suggested, it’s a big one for me Angel,
    kind of a breakthrough. Haaa wouldn’t it be funny if I’ve had the NEW realization before and just forgot? Man it’s fun being me.

    Anyway, when it comes to Damien and school, honey go to ANY lengths to make certain he gets through high school! I mean ANY LENGTHS!

    Cody… God, getting him through school was a freakin nightmare from the start! But today, he is capable of fending for himself. He wanted college, not right away, but he did and he finished and today he is happy.

    Levi on the other hand was allowed to quit. OMG Angel, he’s 21 and SO lost, He can’t get a job in a gas station! I’d give my right arm to go back in time and MAKE him get his diploma. I’d quit my job and shadow him to school every day.

    It is so important. Please do your best, it’s crunch time love, you’ve both come too far to quit right before the finish line.

    If he gets that diploma, he will have a chance to race again.

    I am sending prayers and love to you both.

  6. I may be too late, not sure, but…

    My male offspring, as I think you know, is ADD. But he’s a wonderful lad.

    Of course I kill him several times a week about school.

    But I also try to keep in mind life is NOT all about school and high marks.

    It’s about him being the best HE can be. And if that’s not academically, it’s some other way.

    You, of course, being the spectacular mom that you are, will do things as you see fit.


  7. When I was a kid/teen (not actually too long ago, haha) my Mother used to give me cold, hard cash for each A I recieved. She gave me money (of course the amount became less as the grades got smaller) for each grade above a C. It really amazes me how often this works with kids. I’ve said this time and time again, but you’re such a good Mommy…

  8. Best of luck angel, if I were closer i’d help you tutor him. Damien is a very cool kid he’ll turn it around

  9. 21 comments?! You comment-slut you!!!

    Hope the talk went well,been thinking of you.


  10. Oi. Have zero wisdom for you on this one. But you have my empathy….

    School is not the be-all and end-all. Many of the worlds greatest success stories come from spunky people with zeal, determination and goetzpa. People who dont take no for an answer. And people who didnt get a matric (or equivalent!).

  11. If he got straight Ds right across his report card if you turn it ninety degrees anti-clockwise they will become As. Try it and see and then you’ll know you have a young Einstein living with you! 😉

  12. I agree with msbehavn: parenting ain’t for sissies! But you know that Angel, don’t you. From one parent of a problem child when it comes to schooling, to another, hugs and prayers. Stay strong, and stay confident. You’ll handle it perfectly, just as you’ve always done.

  13. Usually I would agree about punishment nd rewards but I think some may be missing the fact that he has ADHD so is struggling due to a learning diability.

    But I still think he should remain in school. Its your decision ultimately.

  14. Parenting isn’t for sissies, Angel and I have no doubt that you will make the right decision for your child.

    Good luck and lots of strength to all of you!


  15. You need a reward (and punishment) system in place…and you need to utilize the activities and treats that mean the most to him.

    Praise works the best but there is a time and place for solitary confinement and electronic sensory deprivation.

  16. good luck.

    i think this is the situation that calls for tough love.

    be strong.

  17. allbunnies: you are all so so sweet, thank you for the good thoughts and prayers.
    i’ll be posting about it in more detail soon…

  18. Saying a prayer for you, Angel. And all the best with decisions that need to be made.

  19. This is the only time I believe in bribery as a parent. I think it is perfectly okay to pay your child for good grades. Sort of like working for a living. Would the incentive work? Good luck dear!

  20. I am with you in this difficult time.. I have had my fair share of hassles with J who is also ADHD.. this is my first ever year of almost hassle free schooling.. but it has come at a huge price in regards to my sanity..
    Big Hugs to you and I hope he comes to realise before it is too late that he needs to work with you on this and not against you.. Just stress TEAMWORK to him.. everything with ADHD kids is hard.. nothing will ever be easy.. but just hang in there and know that we are all rooting for you..


  21. ((Big hugs))

    You have so much strength it’ll work out,I’m sure (well I’m hoping and praying anyway).

    I truly admire you,Angel.

  22. I hear you………. I had a meeting at TARA yesterday re Liam and my frustration is huge.. and he is only in grade 6!!!

    Thinking of you.

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