Choice Made


He’s made his choice.
He’s going to go back to school next year, even if he fails this year and has to repeat it. Then if he passes next year he can stay on and try to finish high school.
He really has no excuses… he’s in a small private school catering specifically for ADHDers. The teachers try hard to motivate the learners and they have regular contact with me. They even have a remedial teacher at the school that can assist if they need extra classes. And he likes the school which is a bonus as he wants to stay.
There’s still a long road ahead. I’m going to have to keep reminding him that he can’t muck around anymore… and that’s kak because I hate to harp on something. But with him I have no choice…
Perhaps he can pull off a miracle and actually finish school.
I cannot tell you all how much your feedback and comments helped me. To start with I didn’t see too many options, but after all the comments and messages I received I could think on a wider scale.
Thank you. Thank you all, so much.

19 thoughts on “Choice Made

  1. Yay! Good luck to Damien. He can do it…or he will have a hard time walking around with your foot up his toosh!

  2. oh goody! I’m glad he’s going back to school next year….now lets hope the little knucklehead can pull this off.

  3. louisa: dankie blaaie!

    msbehavn: so am i, and thank you.

    phillygirl: yeah… we have a long way to go…

    kerryn: thank you so much!

    candy tothill: aw thanx candy!

    the jackson files: i thought so too

    meherenow: baby steps indeed… i think next year’s going to be a long one!

    expensivemistakes: thanx girl!

    gill: i hope he’s realised it, now he needs to stick with it.

    sleepyjane: ta muchly!

    becauseican: oy… i hope he sees it that way!

    sweets: ah yes… takes me back to when i was at school and my parents told me the same thing, lol!

    supermom: i sincerely hope its been a wake up call!

    jeanette: 😀

    add tracy: aw thanx tracy, us adhder moms need to stick together
    as for chad’s mom, i feel for her because like you i know where she’s coming from! when you chat to her again tell her i’m thinking about her.

  4. Oh Angel, my relief is GREAT!
    I was quite worried on this one, having lived through both choices. I have faith in Damien, I have faith in you and I know that he has all he needs to make it, even if it takes a little bit longer, the payoff is SO worth it. Perhaps a magnificent art school is in his future, but ONLY if he gets his diploma!

    Thank you for updating my famous people with ADD,
    how could I have missed them?

    Also, thank you so much for taking the time out of your very busy life to show support to Chads mom… and me for that matter.

    Loving you girl

  5. This might have been the wake-up call he needed? Hopefully this will motivate him to work harder. I’m glad he made this decision

  6. good for him! if kids could only realise that school is so easy in comparison to the real world 🙂

  7. I’m very glad that he made that decision. Good luck to you guys and we’re all rooting for you guys!

  8. I’m thrilled that he has decided to hang in there. I’m sure he will have realised that he needs to work hard now. Good on you for putting the decision-making into his hands!

  9. seems like he’s made the right decision, now let’s hope he has the motivation to carry it through!

    good luck to you guys!

  10. Good decision Knucklehead!

    See Angel,that’s your doing that is – all the years of trying to instill responsibility in him when at times you wondered if he was listening at all when it REALLY matters he knows what he needs to do.

    Next task? Him not leaving the decision making till the last possible second!! Baby steps though eh?!


  11. I’m really, really happy to hear this… and relieved for both of you. I think he’s going to do well… he can’t not… he’s YOUR son. Xx

  12. I am glad he has made this decision. I’m rooting for him that he gets his nose stuck in next year.
    Good luck Angel.

  13. so glad a decision that you can both be happy with was made … and I do hope he’ll stick to it and make you both proud 😉

  14. Sometimes we just have to trust that we’ve given our children all the tools to make the right decisions and that it’s up to them to follow it through.

    I’m thrilled that D has decided to give it another shot!


  15. I’m really glad that he decided to go back angel, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he’s had enough of a scare to motivate him in taking it all the way and putting in the work needed.

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