Another One Gone!

Yet another weekend has flown by! There is a little over 9 weeks to Christmas bunnies- have you started shopping yet!!?!?
Anyhoodle, now that I’ve got you all checking your calendars…

I mentioned, on Friday, that my Glugs and I had a very formal wedding to attend, and I left work just before noon to make it home for my hair appointment. I actually made such good time that I was able to go home and drop off my laptop and have a quick shower (I’d shaved on Thursday night already) before heading for the salon. I asked the woman to just please put it up, out of my face and out of my neck. She did a fabulous job (in 80 minutes which impressed me no end) with a soft, not too severe stylised “bun” and we decorated it with a pink-feathered comb. I then went home to do my make up and wait for my Glugs. I had everything on except my dress when he got there, and he jumped into the shower and then into his new black suit while I picked out a tie for him. We made it to the venue in a little over an hour, and missed the bride walking up the aisle unfortunately… but the rest of the day went swimmingly. They just managed to finish with all the family and group portraits when the rain came down in proverbial buckets! The rain had been expected so they’d done all the other photos before the ceremony.

On Saturday morning, I collected Damien- who’d stayed with my mommy and daddy darling while we were at the wedding- and he and I drove through for his monthly appointment with his doc. No matter how many times I do that trip it’s tedious, and Saturday was another day where the doc was especially talkative and he SO loves to tell stories! We’ve been seeing him once a month since about July 2003, so you can imagine I’ve heard his stories several times over. I also got sunburn on my upper right arm while driving… ggrrrrr
When we got back from the doc and my Glugs was home from work, we donned hats and sun-block and headed for Super Sport Park for Rocktober! I was so looking forward to it, and it was Damien’s first ever “big” concert. We got a nice space on the grass in front of the stage, stocked up on Coke, and settled in for lots of music. First up was Klopjag, followed by Loyiso and Ef-El (very heavy) by which time it started filling up a little though the attendance was shocking. Straatligkinders was next (I like them), and they had a massive inflatable dolphin that was tossed into the crowd to be played with whilst they jammed. Then Jamali came on (who are far from a rock act so I’m unsure why they were there).
And then disaster struck…
I shoulda known! If you want it to rain in Pretoria- just organise something big at Supersport Park! By the end of the 5th act the wind was blowing the big screens all over the place, it was starting to rain lightly, and the whole situation was unpleasant.
We packed up our chairs and scarpered to the nearby mall to see if any decent movies were showing, and with no luck there either we made our way home.
On Sunday morning I baked cupcakes! Peanut butter cupcakes with Pillsbury ready-to-use frosting and little flowers on! And no, the Pillsbury doughboy did not dance for me or help me out at all… I am drafting a complaint right now. The cupcakes were delish though, it was one of the recipes out of the book my Glugs bought me.
We took ourselves and the cupcakes off to my folks for tea on Sunday afternoon and da Bruvva and my precious nephew N helped us finish them!
Oh how I adore that little dude… he and I have had a really close connection since he was tiny. I see a lot less of him now since da Bruvva and his wife are divorcing, but when I do see him he blows my mind with his smarts!

10 thoughts on “Another One Gone!

  1. That is a really stunning dress! That is my favourite colour!!

    I didnt even know there was a concert at Supersport park and I probably drove right past it!!!!

    (found you on Nocturnal Wench btw ;))

  2. Wow Angel you look divine in that dress!!!

    I can’t believe I missed the show at Supersport Park!
    x x

  3. Evil woman!
    How could you!!!

    Damn, and I was just thinking Maui would be nice… riiiiight

    OK thanks for the heads up brat!

  4. candy tothill: okay, so next time i’m going to an open air concert i’ll let you know, ok? aaw thanx!! and i would love to make them for your party if i could!!!

    louisa: me either…

    tay: 😀

    ruby: oooh how cool!!! and thank you!

    tamara: aw thanx t! i’ll come check out my tag shortly…

  5. Awesome dress for the wedding, Angel. You looked stunning!

    I’ve tagged you for a (very quick, I promise) meme.

  6. i know 2 of the guys in Straatlig Kinders personally and i have shared a stage with them once… jealous yet???

    love the dress and the hair….it looks fabulous!

  7. I can’t believe there are nine weeks left… not good news! You looked awesome Angel, hope you had fun!

  8. 9 weeks to Christmas?! OOOoooooh crap…I haven’t started shopping at all yet.

    Angel, those cupcakes sound really yummy.

  9. 9 WEEKS!!! Sh*t!!!

    You do look be-autiful!! and your hair! wow!

    Peanut butter cupcakes sounds SO good right now!! I need to make some for a party I’m throwing Thurs…can you just come over and make ’em for MY party?!

    Your nephew is absolutely precious and adorable!!

  10. wow, you look gorgeous at the wedding – love your hair, dress – everything is v. pretty. sorry about rocktober being rained out… it was probably my fault since i had imagined the storm into existence on thursday (hehe). and you are the queen of cupcakes… yummy! oh, and cutest nephew 🙂

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