Wakey Wakey!

This post of Cath’s got me thinking.

At my previous job, HIV/AIDS education was a huge issue- and it totally blew my mind how ignorant, and sometimes deliberately oblivious people could be.
Its a parenting issue for me too. With kids “experimenting” with sex younger and younger these days, the possibility of Damien catching something from someone else scares the crap out of me!
Damien and I have discussed it, and I have tried to make him aware of what is involved and what the risks are- especially given his act-now-apologise-later impulsivity.
Have you spoken to your kidlets about HIV/AIDS?

Anyhoodle, tomorrow, I am going to do what Cath has asked.

There’s a press release here.

Revenge Of The Eternally Curious

I tagged E.C. a couple of times, so she gave me this one (sorry I’m so slow getting it done Pat).

Sheesh, at least it’s a post! I’ve been busy at work, so I haven’t been able to read like I usually do, and I have been busy at home too- last night I didn’t even switch my laptop on- and I think that’s the first time my laptop was not open on a week night!

Five names you go by: well… if pet names count then I’d have to include “Babe” and “Boobalicious”, my title is “Mommy” of course, but otherwise it’s just “Angel”… so I’m short one.

Three things you are wearing right now: earrings, jeans, crocs… heh heh

Two things you want very badly at the moment: ice cold coke, and to be at home

Two people who will probably fill this out: I dunno… I haven’t decided if I’m going to tag anyone or not.

Two things you did last night: made fondant animals, took photos of the kitten

Two things you ate today: Wonka Nerds and Pringles

Two people you last talked to on the phone: the knucklehead and Charlene

Two things you are going to do tomorrow: work and go out for sushi

Two longest car rides: when I was little we drove to Somerset West for a family holiday, and I drove Damien and myself to Scottburgh for a holiday once.

Two of your favorite beverages: coca cola and gin and tonic

If That Was The Weekend, We’ve Had It.

Well, another week gone and only 30 days to Christmas!

Did I scare you there for a second? Have you started shopping yet?

Me either, LOL!

And its 33 days to my 35th birthday as well! Oh my word… I’m going to be officially middle aged!

It’s yet another read-my-diary-type post from me. I so want to do more with my blog…


Last week was pretty relaxed and business as usual. I was shopping in the afternoons to find a dress for my year end function, and ended up buying something completely different to the one I saw initially. It fitted like a dream- unlike the one I liked in the first place. It’s quite inexplicable, but for some reason, dressmakers seem to think that if you have big boobs, then your shoulders must be half a mile wide too! It’s bloody annoying because I end up having to have everything altered to make it fit right! And I was very excited to have found something so pretty, as I’d had the shoes for a couple of weeks already (as you all know). I then found jewellery to go with the shoes and I was hot to trot, bunnies.

My company’s year end function was on Saturday night at the Performer Theatre in Pretoria, and it was good fun. It was a dinner and a show thingamabob and we decided to dress formal this year (last year was a mafia theme and the one before was Spanish). I looked fabulous- only to arrive and find a colleague in the same fargin’ dress as the one I was wearing!!! See, she and I both have to shop at Donna Claire and obviously both wanted a LBD. I nearly wanted to go home I tell you!!!

And to make matters worse, my thighs were stiff and sore from the company team building day- which I’ll tell you about shortly. The show was pretty cool- it was an 80’s tribute which I enjoyed… but it was a tough crowd. I think a lot of them were too old for the 80’s.

Lemme just say one thing- my Glugster is a total hit with my colleagues! They think he’s just the coolest dude. Aren’t I lucky!!?!?


Without any further ado- onto the team building thing- that happened last Friday. We always try and do something adventurous and different (we’ve done shooting, micro-lighting, white-water rafting and a canopy tour) and this year was no different. We went abseiling in the Magaliesberg! It was close to a 2 hour bus ride to get there but that’s always lekker as we get breakfast on the bus. When we got there they told us it was a 20 minute walk to the place we’d be abseiling… I reckon that’s for fit people. We arrived almost 40 minutes after we left, after taking a couple of breaks and having to climb down into and then out of a gorge to get to the climbing ropes on the other side! The abseil itself was easy. I think I used up all my adrenalin on the micro-lighting a few years ago. Either that or I am the most jaded person on the planet. At this point I don’t think I’d even scream if I bungee’d! I can’t seem get a rush from anything “extreme”! We abseiled about 20m down a sheer rock face- and when I got close to the bottom I was too far to my left and ended up sitting in the top of a small tree. Well, I couldn’t let go to push it away- so it had to come with me. Poor tree… a seriously not-green thing to do! I was almost sitting on the ground and paralytic with giggles when I managed to ask a colleague- who had gone down just before me- to please push my legs down so I could stand up (I was sitting in the harness).

I had to laugh at my friend “Lulu’s” analogy (she recently started blogging by the way) when I told her about it- she said I was really “the angel on top of a tree” for a moment!

I then had to climb back out of the gorge… and I reckon you could hear me coming a mile away- I sounded like a steam train!!! I was dying to try my hand at the ropes again- but I could not see my way clear to climbing out of that bloody gorge again! Then when we were finished- we had to hike back out of the gorge and walk back to the bus. I was totally bushed! I even fell asleep on the bus! When I got home, I showered, got into bed (this was around 19h30) and went to sleep! My Glugs woke me for some pizza for supper, and I went back to sleep. I woke up at about 10h00 Saturday morning! And the whole of Saturday my legs were sore- but only if I climbed stairs or if I sat down- but otherwise not. Not so on Sunday, bunnies! I woke up to stiff-and-sore and they stayed that way!

On Sunday, we spent the day at Pretoria Zoo. We hired one of those golf-carts (thankfully one with a roof) and Damien drove us around for 2 hours. He was rather pleased- and he did well considering he’s never driven anything before! He definitely needs some practice, but he did good. Proud mommy moment there (even if I did yell “brake… brake… BRAKE… BRAAAAAKE” once or twice). After we parked the golf-cart we walked the place flat again and still didn’t see everything! It was good fun.

We want to go to the Jo’burg Zoo next.

My furbabies are all well, and Taxi is now even playing with little Magic. She has taken a real shine to my Glugs and will come and ask ever so nicely to sleep on his chest at night. We’re slowly getting her out of the habit of wanting to suckle (‘coz she wasn’t weaned properly) and now she’s finally relaxing enough to sleep when she’s not in a hidey-hole of some sort. And she now “hides” from the evil puppies by sitting on my Glugs’ shoulder! I spend my life giggling at her, she is just so cute!

So that’s it for last week.

Right now I’m planning my birthday braai, I hope to scrapbook with my mommy darling on Thursday night, the knucklehead’s writing his last few exams and this weekend is our last appointment for the year with Damien’s doc. It’s also ExMi’s kid’s first birthday party (BTW ExMi, will it be okay if I bring da Bruvva and my nephew N with us?)

Its My Party…

And since I’m going to be officially middle-aged (according to tradition, not modern standards) I’ll throw it when I want to! So I am going to have a birthday party a week early- on Sunday December 21st, 2008 at my house*, round 3-ish.
I will be on leave already, so no worries about the Monday for me!
I’m just going to have a braai (so bring along whatever you want charred, your liquid poison of choice, a large elaborately wrapped gift, and a chair), so consider this your official invitation.
Email me if you’d like a map or a set of directions, and whilst there’s no theme as such, there’s no guarantee that I won’t be dressed up, of course…
And I was kidding about the gift!
“Proper” blogging will resume shortly, I promise!

* I just love saying “my house”!