A Random Meme!!!

I got tagged by the awesome Cath, with a challenge to explore her way of thinking, and then Louisa tagged me for the same one! So here’s my version of Cath’s random thoughts meme!

Word for the week in my head… “necrotelicomnicon”. It’s from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and it’s become one of my favourite words. I dunno why- but every now and then it pops into my head and gets stuck on repeat for a while.

Thought for the week in my head… how the fork am I going to wangle the payments for one of the new cars I want!!?

Thing for the week in my life… driving to the school and back twice a day. The knucklehead’s exams start on Thursday. This’ll be a major stress factor for me for the next few weeks.

Song for the week in my head… Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B Goode”. Its my phone’s general ringtone and I love it!

Food for the week in my belly… party platter left overs… mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Colour for the week in my life… grey!!! My current project is repacking and sorting and counting a store-room and the packing boxes I have organised to be mounted on the wall are all grey plastic… kak innit??!?

Smile for the week on my face is… definitely my new blog header from EXMI!

Blessing for the week in my heart… going home every single day to my sweetheart and my cats and not having to go “home” to somewhere else later. I’m still getting used to that, and I love it!

And I think I’ll tag, erm… Harassed Single Mom, Doula Mel, Tay, Muriel and Eternally Curious!
You know the drill, standard meme rules apply- link to the meme creator (Cath) and link to your tagger too (which in this case is me)!

10 thoughts on “A Random Meme!!!

  1. Ooops, I had no clue I’d been tagged! Just now catching up with you! Shame on me! I’ll be thinking on this one and will post soon, promise.

  2. c@th: 😀

    tamara: what makes it worse is its not my stuff!

    harassedmomsramblings: glad you like it!

    yellowdog granny: 😀

    muriel: don’t remind me!

    kingcover: you have a point- but at least they can cover up with mud or something- i can’t do shite to these!

    s e e quine: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… i hear ya! love the new house girl!

  3. Wuntz, dere waz thees gray alienz… I turned them purple… WITH MY MIND!!! Because I waz half-asleep and dey were in my head. But I didz so becuz they were gray.

  4. Grey is the most boring colour ever! But if you think that is bad then just think about the poor elephants, seals, rhinos and other creatures that have no choice to ‘wear’ it. Yeah I’ll bet you’re feeling even more sorry for little Dumbo now aren’t you? Hehe 😉

  5. Glad to be back on your blog again! I sure do love coming home to cats and sweetheart, and… A HOUSE!!

    My comp’s been shut down a month. BTW, we have the first black pres evar and also there’s pictures coming of the new house and all kinds of CRA-Z-Nesss!!

  6. Loving that blog header too 🙂

    Packign and sorting boxes is definitely grey and kak. Sigh… should be doing that myself.

  7. YAY you did it! I love your blessing for the week

    Ah my friend. It makes my heart smile so much X

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