Dry Taps…

Without warning, the water in our area was turned off yesterday whilst they move some mother trucker of a pipe for the Gautrain construction. I called Johannesburg Water and there’s this recorded message listing all the suburbs that are dry, saying they dunno how long it’ll be, and that there are two tanker trucks where we can get water.
My Glugs stopped off on the way home for bottled water and of course the shops were crazy and out of stock!
I don’t understand how we couldn’t at least have gotten a warning… So now we can’t shower, we’ve tried to use the loos sparingly as we can’t flush them, and I’m going to have to stop and buy water again today!

6 thoughts on “Dry Taps…

  1. Sorry… meant to type: Which could have been bearable had they given us a warning, but they didn’t. We now keep three 5 litre bottles permanently filled with water just in case.

  2. I feel your pain. This OFTEN happens where I live. The first time, the water went off for three days with no warning. We were eventually flushing the loos with mineral water. This time, it was only 12 hours. Which wouldhad given us a warning. Which they didn’t.

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