4X4 Stolen Photo Meme

I spotted this one on Jenty’s Ramblings, and though she didn’t tag me it looked like fun- and it fits right in with my meme week!

Here are the rules…

1. Go to your pictures file.

2. Go to the 4th file.

3. Go to the 4th picture.

4. Post it and tell the story.

5. Tag 4 more people.
I followed the instructions t the letter- and came up with a picture of my knucklehead… ON HIS FOURTH BIRTHDAY!!!

It was the evening of his 4th birthday, and my folks and I had clubbed together to get him this wooden horse that you could hang from the rafters or a tree or anything. We had an old swing frame in the garden from when we were kids and the horse fitted inside it perfectly!
How freaky is this!!?! And to prove it I tok a screen image of the folders in “my pictures” so you could see I didn’t cheat!!!

8 thoughts on “4X4 Stolen Photo Meme

  1. ruby: ;P

    jeanette: damien has his own folder of pics i have on cd because i love being able to look at them often, and i like to make new wallpapers on a regular basis!

    tamara: 😀

    exmi: i thought so too

    m@: erm… thanx?

    jo: why thank you… and you’re more than welcome to!

    s e e quine: innit just?

  2. OMG that’s awesome! A horse swing! Well, no wonder it’s the fourth picture and the fourth year… such a cutie!
    ` Is it hard to believe he’s grown so much?

    That photo also reminds me of when I was about three or four, and I was playing over at my great grandma’s house in West Virginia, and she had a rocking horse that wasn’t a horse at all but a black-and-white Steamboat Willie!

  3. Hehehe… I looked really quickly and thought you’d posted a pic of Jackson. Then I looked again and saw you hadn’t 😉 Sweet pic.

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