Blogging My Friend’s Blogs

In pilfering an idea out of EXMI’s blogging-genius arsenal, I would like to ask the following bloggers each a question or three. As with EXMI’s post, you can answer it in the comments section- or you could make a whole post out of it!

Arkwife, you’ve been shopping quite a bit for your planned baby, have you chosen a “theme” or a colour scheme for baby’s room yet? And have you and your cool-muso-other-half spoken about whether you’d like a boy or a girl? I mean, I know everyone wants a happy healthy baby with all its fingers and toes… but we all dream a little too!

Cami… the ever fabulous Cami Kaos. I am a self confessed Cami-groupie with a little Cami-shrine and everything, so I find myself blushing a little with the audacity to ask her a question! Okay, here goes. Cami, if you could- would you make a career out of Strange Love Live and blogging and such?

Eternally Curious, or Pat, is someone I’ve read for a long time and she’s a cancer survivor and a great mom. So E.C. I would like to know, do you get people contacting you after reading your book? I know gaining a following is not why you wrote it, but I’ve read some of it- especially after my aunt’s mastectomy- and I think it’s great.

Dino AKA Katy, at Okay Fine! Whatever!! is also someone I’ve been visiting for quite some time. I’ve always wondered… why on earth you refer to your other half as “Grumpy” on your blog? And perhaps I haven’t been reading long enough- but what made you two relocate to the USA?

Malicious Intent, you and I are both moms to special needs kidlets, and you and I both did it alone for a long, looong time. What were your coping mechanisms on the days when you felt like running away and changing your name?

Rebecca of The Jackson Files, being a single mom- like myself- do you wonder about Jackson’s father waking up and smelling the coffee so to speak, do you worry about his changing your status quo and asking to spend more time with Jackson?

Supermom, have you ever considered trying to make a living off your photography? I mean… I know you love what you do, but your photographs are truly wonderful!

Wenchy, how are you all coping with a second break-in in so short a time… what are you changing- if anything- to try and prevent it happening again?

I am really looking forward to the answers… in whatever form they might be!

And in case you’re sad ‘coz I didn’t ask you anything- here’s something to make you smile instead. Yes, just for you!

12 thoughts on “Blogging My Friend’s Blogs

  1. Angel – you’re keeping me busy! Heeheehee! I’ll take this challenge to (will answer on my blog), but I’m upping the ante! Stop on over when you get a minute!

  2. yes, I think I would. xoxo

    (go check out my blog today sweetie, video up of me giving a five minute talk… I hear it’s funny)

  3. We are all very nervous and really have no sense of safety or security.

    We upgraded the alarm after the first break-in so that deffinately helped with the second… we have also added more razor wire after the second one.

  4. I answered your question Angel. OMG my answer is almost as long as Hamlet.

    But thank you, it made me think about stuff that I have been meaning to think about for ages.

  5. This is a fantastic idea! You asked some interesting questions, I’m looking forward to the answers.

  6. i did NOT know Arkwife was planning and shopping for a baby. w00t????

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