My Contribution To The Blogger Bake Off

I was tagged by ExMi to take part in this, and since we were having some of my Glugster’s family over for a potjie, I figured what better reason or opportunity would I have to bake bread!?
Anyhoodle, to quote them, the “Blogger Bake Off” is a new campaign aimed at raising $1 Million in funds to alleviate poverty in Africa. Designed to connect caring people like you all over the world, this bake off gives you the power to make a real difference. They also invite you- if you have a blog- to share your baking adventures with your readers and upload the bread recipe to the Media Centre to raise both funds and awareness.
Here’s mine.
So like ExMi, I cheated a little bit… I used this “instant” mixture for mine, and sprinkled roast sunflower seeds and sesame seeds on the top.
It was very yummy, and I’ll definitely be baking bread again!

5 thoughts on “My Contribution To The Blogger Bake Off

  1. Hi,

    Tamsin here from the Cape Town office of Breadline Africa. Thanks for joining our Blogger Bake Off campaign and helping us to spread the word.

    Apart from almost having a complete carb overload, the campaign has got off to a great start!

    We’d totally dig it if you put your recipe on our site … I’m thinking: Angel’s Short-cut Bread for Potjie’s 🙂

    Seriously though, we’re thinking of putting together a cookbook later down the line and as far we’re concerned: anything goes!

    Tamsin – Breadline Africa

  2. well done to you and your baking!!!

    ans wasn’t it fun to bake something other than cupcakes??

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