Wakey Wakey!

This post of Cath’s got me thinking.

At my previous job, HIV/AIDS education was a huge issue- and it totally blew my mind how ignorant, and sometimes deliberately oblivious people could be.
Its a parenting issue for me too. With kids “experimenting” with sex younger and younger these days, the possibility of Damien catching something from someone else scares the crap out of me!
Damien and I have discussed it, and I have tried to make him aware of what is involved and what the risks are- especially given his act-now-apologise-later impulsivity.
Have you spoken to your kidlets about HIV/AIDS?

Anyhoodle, tomorrow, I am going to do what Cath has asked.

There’s a press release here.

10 thoughts on “Wakey Wakey!

  1. If I had kids I wouldn’t let them out of the house! Lol j/k. How did Damien take the little ‘chat’?

  2. oh Angel! how divine of you! thank you.

    I believe if we’re in this together, we’ll get through this together


  3. Megan is still a teeny bit small for that but the moment she points to daddy’s penis and asks what that is the talking will begin!!!

  4. Hi Angel,

    Yes, it is good to educate our kids as early as possible…

    I recently ask my son if he likes girls. He said “no”… so I guess our “talk” will have to wait till he starts showing interest of the opposite sex.


  5. I’ve always been very careful (or absent) but two different women pressured me this year for unprotected sex. Never again. I mean, not unless it’s a committed relationship, that is.

  6. i am glad your are talking to Damien about the importance of safe sex. I ran the AIDS foundation my mother had founded in my hometown until I left and moved to the US. Here I worked for 7 years as research coordinators conducting mainly HIV studies – helping to find new meds. The one thing that bothers me is that education about HIV is not as much happening has is was 20 years ago. Its sad as now people often think of it as just another disease I had patients tell me its just like Diabetes and they would just take meds for it. People still have no clue

  7. Nope we havent had the chat yet – my kids are still a little small for it right now!

    But we will – probably next year!!

  8. I posted my World AIDS Day blog this morning (11-30). I rather figure that the sooner its up the more people will see it. Of course I’ll be joining in the silence as I remember those who are no longer on this earth because of AIDS.

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