Friday Is Here At Last!

Here’s a little smile-inducing-something since its Friday… I have 9 work days left (not counting today) and then I am on leave for 3 whole weeks! I can hardly wait!!! Okay- maybe that didn’t make you smile- but I’m sure this will..

And in other news, the knucklehead passed grade 10.
Only just…

No seriously- he only just scraped through. He so clearly did not do any of the studying he swore blind was taking up so much of his time. He’s now been promoted to grade 11, which is SO much more work than grade 10… frankly I am dreading next year. But we promised him an iPod if he passed- which we gave him last night. He was VERY pleased with himself and I felt like smacking him! So he’ll get incentives for next year again- like the iPod- but I’ll be setting “goals” that he will have to achieve before he gets a reward for passing. I seriously feel as if I’m wasting my money on his schooling bunnies… his school fees are R28200 for 2009, that comes to more than R2500/month! Yes its a private school. Yes I can afford it because I only have one child. Yes it caters for ADHDers and he likes it there. No, a cheaper non-private school is not an option. But he is so not bringing his side…

Onto better things… tomorrow is the last BlogGirls meet for 2008 and we’re having a Christmas party with the kids and the partners and a braai and a pool and the secret Santa game and all! I spent Tuesday and Thursday evenings making fondant decorations to put on top of the red velvet cupcakes I plan to bake for the occasion.

And apart from BlogGirls, we have a quiet weekend ahead of us. I am SOOO looking forward to it!

13 thoughts on “Friday Is Here At Last!

  1. all bunnies: thanx for all the congratulations on the knucklehead’s passing!

    becauseican: lol, i wouldn’t mind the poledancing lessons… nope, we’re going to cape town after christmas!

    phillygirl: so sorry i ruined the red velvet and you had to settle for chocolate…

    harassedmomsramblings: i can hardly wait till i have 5 days left!

    louisa: it was so cool to see you again!

    donn coppens: dude i do love your comments!

    reederscorner: i’ll work on my “S” list this week!

    jeanette: heh heh… you’re making me blush!

    supermom: so do i!

    faerie: šŸ˜€
    no- not a gang- just displaying the fact that he’s a rocker/skater.

    yellowdog granny: i am so looking forward to it!

    allan: i so have dude!

    mandy: i am determined to!

  2. well, he did pass…
    congratulations on that..and have a gret time with all those lovely days off..

  3. I can imagine that he must have been very pleased with himself and I can SO feel your frustration with wanting to smack him right then. I really hope he will work harder next year.

  4. Glad he passed!! I think you need to set him tiered goals next year to give him more incentive.
    CANNOT wait to taste those cupcakes! I’ve been telling everyone about your awesome baking skills!

  5. As long as he passed, i suppose that’s all that matters, right?

    I can’t believe how small his class is!!!

    and the letter I’m passing onto you is S… have fun šŸ˜‰

  6. Do not overlook the success with’s uphill most of the way and he made it to the next level.

    I am excited for you 3 weeks is awesome!

    That video was hilarious…the best comedy works like that..your brain thinks that it knows where the story is going and the switch..the surprise…is what makes it funny.

    Despite spending our entire lives trying to figure everything out and avoiding surprises we love surprises!

    Well the harmless/good ones anyway.

  7. Congrats to you and Damien for the results angel!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing (and tasting!) these famous cupcakes of yours. šŸ™‚

  8. Hey he passed – thats pretty cool šŸ™‚

    I have 5 working days of work left! I am counting the seconds!!!

  9. Yay, but he still *passed* ! Leave next year’s worrying for next year (I know, easier said than done!).

    Oooh, red velvet cupcakes, now I truly can not wait for tomorrow šŸ˜‰ See you @Louisa’s!

  10. I am pleased to hear that the knucklehead has passed.. even if by a split ballhair.. šŸ˜‰

    And do you have anything AWESOME planned for the hols yet??

    OR were you hinting by the video that Glugster has you signed up for Poledancing lessons??

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