I Am So Tired

…of being too terrified to shit Damien out for something he’s done- even when I am so in the right- because I am afraid he’s going to do something rash like run away!

I have this hollow knot of fear in my stomach when he’s home and we’ve had a fight- and if he doesn’t answer his phone I have to force myself not to go racing home to look for him.

It infuriates me and terrifies me and I want to beat his head against the wall when he answers his phone and I can hear in his voice that he’s still pissed off with me!

I’m so angry today that I have an upset stomach!

Little son of a bitch…

10 thoughts on “I Am So Tired

  1. Must be soo scary.. I have no advice.. Don’t know what I would do..

    Just hang in there.. hopefully with age understanding will come for him too.. I live in hope for the same..


  2. i ran away from home once. spent a whole night alone in the big, bad world.

    and i survived…

    so dont stress too much!

  3. Sorry my friend thats a horrible one and I know that feeling so well when they make you so mad that you could literally puke!! Thinking of you!!

  4. That’s really crap, Angel. I hope Damien knows a) that running away would be a really stupid thing to do and b) how special his mother is.

  5. Aww, that’s not a nice feeling. Hope you get things sorted out so you can feel better soon!

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